Animals Art Fishes Photography Water

The Sardine Run

Beautiful underwater photography by Alexander Safonov.

Art Photography Water

Buildings Reflected in Puddles

“Architectural Puddles” is a collection of photos by Madeleine Digangi.

Art Black & White Photography

Blow Bubble in Black and White

Photography by Benoit Courti.

Animals Art Color Macro Photography Water

Glowing Underwater Creatures

Beautiful photography by Alexander Semenov. View more of his work at Flickr.

Art Food & Drinks Painting Photography

Artistic Fruit

“Organic Botanic” is a photographic series of hand-painted fruit, vegetables and flowers made by Carl-Johan Paulin and Martin Bergstrom. This may well be the first part of the project, because there are only fruit photos available so far.

Art Photography

Dizzy Upside Down Rooms

For this project entitled “Anteroom Series,” artist James Nizam has projected photographs on the walls of soon to be demolished homes.

Art Best of 2011 Photography Recycled

Is this a New Planet?

The answer to the title is NO. These images are from a project entitled “Devour” by Christopher Jonassen, which displays pictures of the bottom of worn-out frying pans. 

Art Landscape Photography

My Eyes Are Wide Open in Dreams

Beautiful landscape photography by Mikko Lagerstedt.

Art Best of 2011 Paper Art Photography

Fluffy’s Aquatic and Aerial Adventures

A fun and creative collection of photos by Theresa Knudson.

Art Landscape Light Photography

Light My Way

A selection of photographs from different art series by Dan Holdsworth.