Art Black & White Drawing Mixed Media Pencil Art Portraits

New Graphite Portraits by Thomas Cian

Highlighting skin textures and using double-exposure effects, Thomas Cian uses graphite and a bit of watercolor pencil or gouache to add the finishing touches to his portrait art. Already known for his Moleskine drawings, he recently published a few animated GIFs showing his start-to-finish process at Behance. Images © Thomas Cian.

3D Art Drawing Hyperreal Pencil Art

The Chameleon and Other 3D Drawings by Morgan Davidson

It doesn’t matter if she is using ballpoint pens or colored pencils, Morgan Davidson knows where to add shading and detail to each portrait on paper. Her new drawings are full of rich and saturated colors, and her attention to textures are visible in these in comparison to past ones. Nature and fashion are things […]

3D Art Drawing Pencil Art Typography

Hand-Drawn 3D Typography by Lex Wilson

2013 and 2014 were good years for Lex Wilson who had his 3D drawings featured all over the web, including our website. He was someone to keep your eye on, because you know, he’s going to create something even more amazing in the future. That future has arrived! His recent drawings are more complex with liquid […]

Art Black & White Drawing Nude Pencil Art Portraits

The Alluring Drawings of Samantha Wall

Note: Contains nudity. Samantha Wall is a visual artist originally from South Korea, but who emigrated to the United States and obtained a MFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art. She is now based in Portland, Oregon. Her creative process is interesting, she first meets her subjects face-to-face and takes portraits of them with a digital camera. Then […]

3D Anamorphic Art Drawing Pencil Art Sketchbooks

New! 3D Illusion Drawings by Alessandro Diddi

Alessandro Diddi’s anamorphic art is not photorealistic, and that’s a good thing because the rough outlines and shading keeps our minds set that these are pencil drawings, which ends up accentuating the illustrated characters as if they are coming to life from sheets of paper. Like Animation, seeing a 2D sketch become a 3D moving […]

Art Black & White Drawing Hyperreal Pencil Art Portraits Special Feature

10 Incredible Pencil Hyperrealist Artists

The goal of the hyperrealist artist is to achieve a photographic level of realism in their subjects, one that makes viewers gasp at the fact that they are looking at a drawing, not in fact a photograph. Artists working with this medium will use different materials, some go in for coloured pencils, others for graphite […]

Art Black & White Drawing Pencil Art Portraits

Drawings of Mysterious Wooden People

The first three images are part of a series titled “Wood People,” which David Cristobal explains that “looking at the lines of a tree can tell you a lot about its life”; so the same goes for people. Each facial expression, wrinkle, scar… can say much about a person from their personality to possible struggles […]

3D Art Drawing Erotic Hyperreal Mixed Media Pencil Art

Seductive 3D Drawings by Joshua Krecioch

Glossy lips and blue eyes with big lashes have been Joshua Krecioch’s subject matters for a number of drawings. A sexual vibe is present in many of these images which have been printed on t-shirts for his online shop, WellCulturedCo. This young artist who will be attending the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (this […]

Art Celebrities Drawing Illustration Pencil Art Portraits

Illustrating Famous Faces

The delicate, pastel-tinted illustrations of Irish artist Denise Nestor are a joy to behold. Her speciality lies in rendering celebrity portraits in light colours and hand drawn pencil, as you can clearly see on this page. Her portrait of Joaquin Phoenix for “The New Review” and of J-Dilla for “This Greedy Pig” bear testament to her […]

3D Art Black & White Drawing Pencil Art

Lost Souls and Resurrected Unicorn

Colombian visual artist Hernan Marin has curated a deeply hypnotic and cryptic style. The ghostly figures in his most recent series all look like lost souls, trapped in some kind of purgatory surrounded by a wall of nothingness. They are beautiful, philosophical artworks created in many subtle shades of grey. Artwork © Hernan Marin Via Behance