Art Color Flowers and Plants Organic Patterns

Colorful Mandalas

Artist Kathy Klein makes patterns on the ground with flower petals, plant seeds and vegetables.

Art Patterns Sand

Carpets that Vanish in the Wind

“Sand Carpets” is a project by design studio Muurbloem. “Patterns plays an important roll in the Muurbloem collection. They have researched traditional patterns from throughout the ages and combine old world painting craftsmanship with modern digital design.” [1]

Art Food & Drinks Patterns Printmaking & Engraving Sculpture

Hand Carved Victorian Goose Eggs

Craft cutter Beth Ann Magnuson creates patterns on eggs that are reminiscent of Victorian lace. You can view the artist working on an eggshell at YouTube.

Design Fashion Patterns Photography Portraits

Fashion Chameleon

An eye-bending photo shoot for Twenty Seven Names‘ winter fashion collection, “Take Over.”

Art Motion Patterns Sculpture Wood

Wood in Motion

Each sculpture has movement and rhythm, it is as if the artist Cha Jong Rye was conducting small pieces of wood into a magnificent symphony orchestra. His work is extraordinary!

3D Art Cutouts Paper Art Patterns

Volumetric and Indented Shapes in Motion

These are paper creations by Pattern Matter. The studio’s primary goal is to encourage spectators to look at patterns in every possible angle.

Abstract Geometric Patterns

Abstract Patterns Photographed from Space

Although these images look like modern tapestries or abstract paintings, they are actually snapshots of agricultural fields taken from NASA’s Terra and Landsat satellites in space.