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10 Artists Who Reimagine the Creative Possibilities of Paper

There are endless possibilities when creating with paper. More than just a surface to draw on, artists manipulate the ancient material into sculptures, collages, and even fashion accessories. The diverseness of paper lends itself to a myriad of stylistic approaches and exploration of themes. Some artists use collage cutouts to create mystical characters, while others […]

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10 Best Illustrators of 2015

Illustration encompasses many areas of our visual culture. It’s the picture on your coffee cup and a clever advertisement you see while going to work. Illustration is in books, magazines, and accompanies articles online. With so much illustration in the world, there’s a lot of mediocre images out there. But, the cream rises to the […]

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Opulent “Cloud City” Constructed Entirely Out of Paper

The Makerie Studio worked in collaboration with photographer Luke Kirwan to create “Cloud City,” an alluring landscape inspired by the intricate patterns in Moroccan architecture. Three egg-shaped palaces seemingly float in mid-air—connected only by ladders—and give the viewer a bird’s-eye-view into the opulent locales. Gilded rails, tiered fountains, and gold lattices are fashioned entirely out […]

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The Elegantly Photographed Origami Animals of Ross Symons

It isn’t every day that one gets to meet a full-time origamist. Get acquainted with Ross Symons, a South African artist known for making his own paper creations and also beautifully folding single-sheet models of other designers, like Quentin Trollip and Jo Nakashima. Elephant Hide paper is something Symons loves to use; a sturdy material […]

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Intricate Cut Paper Portraits Tell Curious Stories

Artist Monique van Uden creates intricate artworks by making meticulous slices with an X-Acto knife. As she cuts from single sheets of paper, things like twisting vines, lush florals, and grandiose scenes all emerge within silhouetted male and female figures. These fine inner details tell stories of their own, and with every composition, it’s as if […]

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The Science of Sculpture by Korean Artist

A background in neuroscience drives much of the ideas and visuals at the heart of Timothy H Lee’s art. His recent work utilises a neutral colour scheme to explore themes as diverse as human psychological, religious spirituality and the nature of identity. One can see these ideas bubbling beneath the surface of his exquisitely crafted sculptures and paintings. […]

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Cute Paper Animals

These paper animals look like they are real. Not furry real, but like they are able to move around like ant bears. These cute creatures are named Annabel and Erwin—made by Wolfram Kampffmeyer who saw the genuine ones at the Berlin Zoo. There are also flamingos and meerkats and even fake hunting trophies to put […]

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Fun Paper Sculptures of Desserts

Charlotte Smith is a graphic designer based in Paris. Her work is defined by a love of pastel colours and feminine imagery. One of her most exciting recent projects is “Paper Food”: an inventive series of dessert sculptures, from birthday cake to tea and flan, made out of coloured paper. They are whimsical and lovely. Artwork © […]

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Fun, Fruity Paper Sculptures

Lobulo has worked in Barcelona for many years and is currently based in London. One of his recent projects was creating paper sculptures of fruits and vegetables for Brit grocery chain Tesco, and erotic toys for another advertising campaign for OFFF Barcelona 2014.

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Halloween Paper Art

All Hallows’ Eve fast approaches people: The season of Jack O Lanterns, monster movies and teeth rotting candy is nearly upon us and what better way to appreciate this holiday then with the ghoulish art of Eelus. Classic figures from Horror cinema, including the Wolf Man and Dracula are re-invented by this leading urban artist […]