3D Art Movies Origami Paper Art

Star Wars Inspired Origami

A small selection of paper art by various artists.

3D Art Paper Art Typography

3D Paper Letters

“Still Life Comes Alive” is a typographical installation by creative director Kyosuke Nishida, art directors Brian Li and Sean Yendrys, and other team members: Dominic Liu, Stefan Spec,  and Duc Tran.

Art Collage Crafts Cutouts Illustration Mixed Media Paper Art Typography

Illustrations made from a Variety of Materials

These are mixed-media illustrations by Mariah Burton. She uses diverse materials such as paint,  paper, fabric, polymer clay, and found objects.

Art Cutouts Illustration Paper Art

Beauty is in the Details

Extraordinary paper cut illustrations by Hina Aoyama. View more of her work at Flickr.

3D Art Birds Paper Art

Beautiful Paper Ring

Delicate paper art by Elsa Mora.

Art Best of 2011 Paper Art Photography

Fluffy’s Aquatic and Aerial Adventures

A fun and creative collection of photos by Theresa Knudson.

Art Cutouts Paper Art

The Paper Engineer

The impressive paper cutting and folding of Matt Shlian.

Paper Art Recycled Stop Motion Video

Sticking Notes Travel the World!

“Sticking Close to You” is a fun stop-motion video directed by Bang-Yao Liu, photographed by Wei-Chieh Tseng, and music by Fran Chen. The amazing part about this movie is that it was shot in 11 cities around the world, and the sticky notes were placed on location.