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Contemporary Artists That Defined 2013

Note: Contains nudity. It’s a hard thing to do, compiling a list of the greatest visual artists the year has thrown at us. For one thing there’s the sheer volume of practising artists out there in the big, wide world to sift through. From the famous faces selling their art by the thousands in auction […]

Art Body Art Nude Tattoo

All in One Piece

Tattoo art extending across several people unites them in a remarkable way. Two friends bound by design may stand stronger than before. Two lovers joined at the hip, or in eternal embrace, are pledging permanent vows. It’s a risk, a vulnerable choice, especially true with romantic tattoos. That’s why these designs still function alone, beautiful with […]

Art Body Art Nude Tattoo

See a Dali Inspired Tattoo and More!

Note: Contains nudity. It is the first time that I have seen a tattoo replica of Salvador Dali’s “In Voluptate Mors” (1951), see below the nude women forming a skull. This body print and the other ones were inked by Marshall Tattsmith from Third Eye Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia.

Art Drawing Nude

The Human Rubik’s Cube And Nudes

Note: Contains nudity. Try dismantling someone’s face, and putting it back together like a Rubix’s Cube. That’s what artist Grigor Eftimov had imagined when painting the image above. Aside from this rather macabre visual, Eftimov has a beautiful art collection of traditional nude drawings (charcoal and chalk), which I’ve included within post. My favorite is […]

Art Body Art Erotic Graffiti Nude Typography

Pokras Lampas’ Calligraphy Art on the Body

Note: Contains nudity. Instead of his usual tagging on city walls, Pokras Lampas has decided to tag the nude bodies of female models. The final photos are part of an ongoing series titled “Calligraphy on Girls,” which you can view more at Behance. Top: Photo © Masha Rastakaya. Photo © Elnalima. Graffiti by Lampas. Photo […]

Art Drawing Nude Sketchbooks

Beautiful Sketchbook Drawings

Wow, these are gorgeous sketchbook drawings by Stephanie Brown! I’m fond of her discreet use of color, basically the images are greyscale with hints of red or gold. And the way she outlines roses and hearts are definitely influenced from tattoos. It just so happens that she has done a few body art pieces, view […]

Art Body Art Nude Painting

The Perfect Balance

Well-known for her wallpaper-inspired body art, Emma Hack has made a distinguishing series titled “Panoramic Bodies,” which explores the paradox of the south Australian landscape. I.e. “often depicted as harsh, although truly fragile and vulnerable to our action and inaction.” [1] See also: “A Magical connection of the Human body and Landscape,” and “Blending into […]

Art Nude Painting Wood

Make the Best of It

South African artist Kelly John Gough started painting on plywood because he wanted to do large artwork, but couldn’t afford the canvases. And by using wood, he needed to apply Gesso as a primer, and this material was also expensive for him. As a result, he began painting images with a bigger surface area of […]

Art Best of 2012 Body Art Illusion Nude

A Magical connection of the Human body and Landscape

“Bodyscapes” is a stunning visual series by Jean-Paul Bourdier. The artist “concentrates on the beauty and geometry of the human body, combining landscape and flesh as a canvas to create a visual union, with all of the images having been shot on site in analog photography, without the use of digital manipulation.” [1] See also: […]

Art Nude Photography

Bodies extend into Landscape

I have always been an admirer of Spencer Tunick’s beautiful nude art. “Since 1994, he has organized over 75 temporary site-specific installations in the United States and abroad. Tunick’s installations encompass dozens, hundreds or thousands of volunteers; and his photographs are records of these events.” [1] Warning: Contains nudity.