Color Digital Illustration Motion

Plunge into the Hypnotizing Sea of Lines by Mario De Meyer

Probably not the best graphics to look at if you suffer from motion sickness (like me). But they are totally cool if you can handle the swishes and swooshes of lines forming ocean-like waves. These psychedelic-colored strings pull us in like we are traveling through fiber optic cables around the vast Internet. It is a […]

Animation Art Classic GIFs Motion

GIF Art: Hateplow X-rays Stone Sculptures from a Past Era

To produce top level animated GIFs requires artistry like in any other art form. These 3 to 4 second motion loops can take up to 10 hours to create—photographing objects and digitally tinkering in Cinema 4D. Portland GIF maker Zack Dougherty (alias Hateplow) is an artist on the rise, capturing the interest of the web […]

Animation Art Digital Disturbing Horror Motion Portraits Surreal

Strange Ghostly Figures in Motion by Jon Jacobsen

Jon Jacobsen creates unsettling manipulations of the human body in his surreal photographic portraits. He uses animated GIFs to bring his ghoulish subjects to life, further exaggerating their pained expressions. His latest project “Insula” is a collaboration with Colombian designer Daniel Ramos ObregĂłn, which explores how technology has become an extension of ourselves. The series […]

Art City Graffiti Motion Murals Nude Outdoors Painting Spray Paint Street Art

James Bullough’s Fractured Paintings in Motion

Note: Contains nudity. Not content with limiting his painting skill to canvas alone, Berlin-based artist James Bullough put down his oil paints in favor of spray cans and rollers. His urban art is a throwback to a childhood formed by the infamous graffiti culture of Washington DC in the 1990s. Slicing his subjects and shifting […]

3D Ads Off Animation Art Motion Nude Video Water

The Work of Jeff Robb, the Three-Dimensional Artist

Note: Contains nudity. Jeff Robb’s 3D art allows us to reminisce those days as a child in a swimming pool, submerged in water and appreciating the beauty of silence. His nude models slowly move back and forth like graceful ballet dancers. They are gorgeous and part of his continuous study of the human body and […]

Art Digital Motion Photography Portraits Surreal

High Speed, Beauty Photography by Evgeni Kolesnik

The Ukranian photographer Evgeni Kolesnik knows how to shoot a visually exciting portrait. He pulls out all manner of high quality digital tricks from his black hat to compose eye-grabbing shots. These include using water, armfuls of flowers and small black beads to frame his model’s face, thereby driving the meaning of the photograph itself. […]

Art Illusion Motion Sculpture

Colossal Sculpture of Skater by Xavier Veilhan

Now here’s something that’s bound to cheer you up, a bright blue sculpture of an ice skater by French artist Xavier Veilhan. If you passed this every morning on your daily commute, I’d bet it would put a smile on your face. Veilhan ingeniously uses very simple tools: blue slabs, in order to create an […]

Abstract Animation Art Comics and Cartoons Motion

Swirly Fun Animated GIFs by Ni Fong

If you look attentively at Ni Fong’s zoetrope-style animated GIFs, you can see technicality in it. It isn’t just skulls and butterflies dancing around randomly, each shape connects with the other and other—metamorphosing like an insect life cycle. It is incredibly made by this Brussels-based illustrator who also animated and directed this music video for […]

Art Black & White Motion Photography

Motion Photography by Jean-Yves Lemoigne

The movement and deadly precision of professional athletes is an impressive feat and photographer Jean Yves Lemoigne has found the perfect way to shoot them. Captured in black and white, the tennis players in his series are photographed in a beautiful blur, as they serve, reach for that drop shot and hit that forehand winner. Images […]

Art Color Fashion Motion Photography

Whimsical Photography by Swiss Artist

Swiss photographer Oliver Oettli has shot everything from fashion, brands and commercial portraits, all in his trademark direct and natural way. The images shown here are full of sugary colours with models emerging from clouds of pastel powder like creatures from a fairy tale. Images © Oliver Oettli Via Behance