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3D Burgers & GIF Lips: The Pop-Minimalist Art of Blake Kathryn

Meet Blake Kathryn, art-director-turned-digital-artist. She dove into the world of 3D design when she discovered the Cinema 4D program on Behance and hasn’t looked back since. Her work often features isolated body parts or a hodgepodge of recognizable objects that have been given an edgy new look and wonderfully bizarre color scheme. While Kathryn does […]

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Strange and Erotic Minimalist Tattoos by Curt Montgomery

Curt Montgomery is a Toronto-based tattoo artist currently working out of Holy Noir. He has garnered a lot of attention on social media, and it’s easy to see why; he tattoos fun, strange, and erotic scenes (often explicit ones) with few lines. Some of the designs featured here are the products of ideas his clients […]

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Deceptively Minimal Line Art Tattoos by Caleb Kilby

Dimension, texture and emotional anxiety aren’t normally what come to mind when looking at line art. But Caleb Kilby’s silhouettes say a lot with very little. Channeling Braque more than Picasso, he dives into the drama of the mundane, rather than going wide with sex or war. The chaos of a cocktail party can somehow […]

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Pristine Geometric Tattoos by Malvina Maria Wisniewska

The tattoo artist Malvina Maria Wisniewska (Malwina8) is a master of minimalism and geometry. Using black ink, she creates flawless, razor-sharp lines that transform sections of the body into intersecting layers of triangles and diamonds, creating a three-dimensional look. In some of her works, she applies the same geometric aesthetic to create abstractions of familiar […]

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Minimalist Tattoos That Say a Lot with Just a Few Lines

The art movement known as minimalism is ubiquitous today, but it only emerged to prominence about 60 years ago. Established in the United States, it initially referred to artworks comprising geometric shapes. This approach, which included painters like Frank Stella, Donald Judd, and Agnes Martin, implores the viewer to respond to “only to what is […]

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10 Splendid Examples of Minimalist Photography

They say that less is more and that is certainly true of Minimalism, which can be achieved effectively in any area of photography, from portraiture to landscape, and through to architecture and fashion. A wide choice has been sought for this article, looking at those photographers who have tried to engage with the minimalist aesthetic […]