Art Automobiles Embroidery Metal

Cross-stitching on Metal Parts

Artist Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene is known for embroidering car doors, kitchen pans, and other metal objects.

Art Metal Portraits Recycled

Must-See Portraits on Aluminum Foil Food Trays

I’m impressed with this unique concept of using disposable food containers for art sculptures. The idea was envisioned by product designer Idan Friedman who entitled the project “Profiles,” and states that the faces on the trays are of his close friends, and strangers.

Metal Posters Recycled Typography

Not So Boring

Graphic designer Martin Pyper has used steel pins and thread to make typographic illustrations.

Art Metal Recycled Sculpture

Motorbikes made from Recyled Watch Parts

All sculptures by Dmitriy Khristenko (a.k.a. dkart71 at deviantART).

Art Illustration Metal Recycled Sculpture

The Nail Art of Marcus Levine

Note: Contains nudity. Artist Marcus Levine can take three days to two months to make a nail art composition. The number of nails used will vary from 15,000 to his largest sculpture with 52,000. And an interesting fact is that Levine hammers directly the metal-heads into a composite wood board without following a draft. Notes […]