Art Metal Sculpture

The Freedom Fighter

In Howick, South Africa, an honorary sculpture was built by Marco Cianfanelli to mark Mandela’s arrest 50 years ago by the apartheid police. The installation includes 50 steel columns that symbolize prison bars, and if you view them at certain angle, you can see Mandela’s face.

Black & White Metal Portraits Recycled Sculpture

A Nail Portrait of Historic Music Composer

Using different nails sizes, designer Szani Meszaros has made a portrait of renown Hungarian pianist Franz Liszt.

Art Metal Recycled Sculpture

Recreating Old Masterpieces with a Nail Gun

Artist Chen Chun-Hao uses a nail gun to replicate traditional Chinese landscape paintings of masters Fan Kuan and Guo Xi. Each “mosquito nail” creates a dot on the canvas, and when viewing the dots as a whole you see mountains, forests, streams,  and other elements. See also: “Each black dot is a Nail.”

Art Metal Sculpture

Shadow art on Sidewalks

I have never seen anyone create art from a cooking strainer, but Issac Cordal has done it! His outdoor installation combines two techniques: sculpting and shadow art.

3D Art Metal Recycled Sculpture

Welded Chain Art

South Korean artist Young-Deok Seo has made incredible sculptures from bicycle chains.

Art Metal Mixed Media Portraits

Texturized Faces

Matt Small’s portraits are directly painted on concrete or found metal pieces such as a car hood, a refrigerator door, and more.

3D Art Metal Sculpture

Someone’s Leaping Over the Fence Wall

“I use metal squares to sculpt the human form, creating works that elicit both the strength and delicacy of the body,” states artist Rainer Lagemann. He attempts to mimic a body in motion, but as if it were stopped in time.

Automobiles Metal Recycled Sculpture

A Tribute to the Mercedes-Benz 300SLR “Uhlenhaut Coupe”

German friends Armin Ciesielski, Peter Brakel and Walter Willer have remade the Mercedes 300 SLR “Uhlenhaut Coupe” from scrap metal. They worked for seven months and used 10,000 metal pieces to create this silver vehicle. “The car was a very difficult model to make because of all the intricate details and we made the engine […]

3D Art Metal Pop Art Sculpture Typography

Reviving American Pop Culture

Artist David Buckingham cuts and welds recycled metal pieces to form sculptures of famous quotations, song lyrics, and pop culture symbols and objects. Warning: This post may contain image(s) with offensive or explicit language.

3D Animals Art Metal Sculpture

Gigantic Cows Made from Car Parts

Artist Miina Akkijyrkka recycles large metal pieces to create sculptures of farm animals.