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Eyes Wide Open: Optical Illusions by Laurie Simmons

She may now be more famous as Lena Dunham’s mother, but the New York artist Laurie Simmons has been making engaging and intellectually provoking art for decades. Her latest project “How We See” is currently on show at the Jewish Museum. It is turning people’s heads thanks to its visually stimulating imagery, that features colour-coded portraits of […]

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Eccentric Makeup and Photography by Rankin

Co-founder of Dazed & Confused magazine, Brit photographer Rankin has been taking pictures of every fashion celebrity known to man. His work has been awarded and praised to great extent and there isn’t much to add to his portfolio; he’s done BBC shoots in South Africa, commissioned by Bono for his R.E.D. brand, appeared in […]

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Guido Argentini’s Silver Nude Models

Italian snapper Guido Argentini takes a simple premise: painting his models silver, and executes it to stylish perfection. The result is “Argentum,” a project which sees a series of nude models in acrobatic poses and shot in a number of inventive scenarios. There is something about the choice of silver which works well here. It is futuristic and […]

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Anatomical Illusions

Danny Quirk’s work lies somewhere between fine art and scientific illustration. His collection of anatomical body art, some of which he paints directly on his subjects, others which he depicts in traditional painting, dares the viewer to see what’s beneath the surface. You won’t see skin the same. Artwork © Danny Quirk Via IFLScience!

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Splendid Makeup Art from Russia

St. Petersburg artist Veronica Azaryan informs me that the two close-up shots are studies and the rest are final images for various campaigns promoting Mousson Atelier’s high-end jewelry. She envisions everything from makeup to framing the shot, and the end result is remarkable with women painted in solid colors and some splattered with gold paint […]

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Coolest Makeup Transformations

With the advancement of technology and special effects in the movies, traditional makeup design has had to evolve with the times, in order to stay relevant. It is hard to imagine the impact of such classic horrors as “The Exorcist” or “An American Werewolf in London” without the revolutionary makeup effects that accompanied them. But even […]

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Playful Eye Makeup

The intricate detail that goes into the work of Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg is staggering. Fairytale scenes of Moomins and flocks of midnight sheep are minutely painted onto eyelids with a level of complexity and beauty that is truly awe inspiring. They are works of art, they just happen to be on the body […]

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A Stylish Splash of Paint

London based photographer Iain Crawford is an expert at shooting artful campaigns for huge international clients. These include Lancome, Samsung and Givenchy. In the beauty images displayed here, he creates a visual symphony that is equal parts kinetic movement, colour and style. Indulge in a bit of luxury with the work of this great artist. […]

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See Zombie Boy without Tattoos

You may be wondering if Rick Genest’s tattoos are real, the answer is yes. Also known as “Zombie Boy,” this Canadian model has has eighty percent of his body covered, “[…] including intricate designs of an entire skeleton (skull included) and is thematically, the depiction of a body decomposing—complete with flesh eating insects. To date […]