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Amazing Light Stencil Art

TigTag’s light painting is done in one continuous long-exposure shot. Although the images look like they were photo-manipulated, in reality no Photoshop was used. All of her stencils are hand cut and placed on a custom built light box.

Light Light Painting Outdoors Stop Motion Video

Light Painted Animals

Motion graphics studio Lichtfaktor has spent four cold nights working on a lighting painting video entitled, “dENiZEN – Shine a Light for Nature.” They used the stop-motion technique to make animals come to life in the city streets of Cologne. The film has already won two German web video awards.

Art Installations Light Sculpture

Holes Drilled through Studio Wall

This post’s title is self-explanatory for the first image—it is part of a photo series entitled “Trace Heavens” by James Nizam. The majority of his works “were created in a darkened studio space where small mirrors were fastened to ball joints for easy pivoting, perfect for manipulating the light streaming through holes in the walls.” […]

Art Graffiti Light Light Painting

Light Graffiti Bombing

UK artist Sola has taken graffiti to a new level by fusing light painting to it. His work is not permanent like traditional tagging on walls, so it may have a better acceptance among local communities.

Art Color Light Photography Portraits

Just Like Fireworks

Combining both photography and make-up art, Nadia Wicker has launched a beautiful self-portrait series entitled “Ursides.”

Art Light Recycled Shadow Art

Projecting Visuals on Walls

The fascinating light and shadow art of Rashad Alakbarov. See also: “Shadows come to Life,” “Amazing Shadow Art” and “Shadow Play.”

Art Best of 2011 Drawing Light Light Painting Photography

Drawing in the Dark

When viewing Brian Matthew Hart’s photos, it is clear that the technique of “light painting” is evolving.

Design Futuristic Light Technology

Levitating Lamp Shades

Company Light Light is selling two electromagnetic lamps entitled “Silhouette” and “Eclipse,” both were designed by Angela Jansen and developed by Ger Jansen. Each futuristic light object costs 980 Euros (approx. $1,300 USD).

Art Light Photography

Rays of Light

“Urban Zoom” is a photographic series by Jakob Wagner.

Art Light Outdoors Photography

Night Lights in Norway

Although Rune Guneriussen‘s art is composed outdoors using lamps, world globes and others objects, it can only be seen through the photographs taken and displayed in his exhibitions.