Art Color Installations Outdoors Sculpture

Beautiful Forms Floating in Mid-Air

Artist Janet Echelman is known for her large-scale sculptures made from fishing net. With light directed to her art installations, the colors become vibrant at night.

Art Installations Recycled Sculpture

The Mysterious Matchman

The first art installation is entitled “Matchstick Drawing” (2009) and the second one is “CNJPUS Text” (2011)—both were crafted by Ryo Shimizu.

Art Drawing Installations Skulls

A Love Affair with Ballpoint and Felt-tip Pens

Beautiful mixed-media drawings by Paul Alexander Thornton. View more art at his blog.

Art Illusion Installations Sculpture

Dali’s Fascination with Mae West

“The Mae West Room” is a sculptural installation displayed at the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain. It is based on the artist’s original painting “Il volto di Mae West” (1934-35).

Art Black & White Drawing Installations Murals

Amazing Wall to Wall Drawings

Large-scale, intricate illustration made with marker by Yosuke Goda.

Art Installations Murals

Flowing Forms

These are large-scale ink drawings on walls by Gerhard Mayer.

Art Classic Illusion Installations

Reviving “All is Vanity” Optical Illusion

“All is Vanity (Mirrorless Version)” is a remake of Charles Allen Gilbert‘s classic op-art drawing. It is now art installation with a high-definition video and custom built set by Adad Hannah, who has created an illusion within an illusion, i.e. “The artist asks a pair of identical twins to perform a tableau vivant in order […]

Art Books Installations Sculpture

I’m Shelved in Books

The wacky art creations of Eva Kotatkova.

3D Installations Landscape Sculpture

The Growing Forest

These are three-dimensional landscape sculptures by Gregory Euclide. He uses diverse materials such as acrylic, cedar, found foam, moss, paint can, sedum, sponge, waxed tape, wood, and more.

Art Best of 2010 Color Installations Tape

Impressive Art made with Tape!

Using duct, electrical, and vinyl tape, Rebecca Ward symmetrically aligns each color line. It is impressive!