Animals Art Installations Outdoors Photography Recycled

Wild Horses made from various Garments

“7 Horses” is a beautiful photography series by Ulrika Kestere.

Art Installations Sculpture

Polka Dots Madness

Yayoi Kusama, the 83 years old princess of polka dots who has dedicated her life’s work to the small spherical shapes is having a retrospective at the Whitney Museum in New York.

Art Installations Sculpture Wood

Infiltrated in Dead Wood

Visual artist Varnai Gyula has used wood logs to create a unique installation.

Art Installations Light Sculpture

Holes Drilled through Studio Wall

This post’s title is self-explanatory for the first image—it is part of a photo series entitled “Trace Heavens” by James Nizam. The majority of his works “were created in a darkened studio space where small mirrors were fastened to ball joints for easy pivoting, perfect for manipulating the light streaming through holes in the walls.” […]

Art Glass Installations Sculpture

Glass Organisms

Mika Aoki’s glass sculptures are fluid and organic looking. Her car installation with art pieces coming off the roof and inside the vehicle is absolutely stunning!

Art Installations Mirrors Outdoors Sculpture

Reflecting on Change

Although this alien-type figure would probably scare most people out of the woods. In reality, it represent a human form which is part of a series of art installations by sculptor Rob Mullholland. His main project “Vestige” represents people from the past, communities that once inhabited this location. They are mirrored because they “absorb” their […]

Art Ecological Environmental Installations Outdoors Street Art

It is Not the Yellow Brick Road

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the “Arts and Nature Trail” program, artist Gaelle Villedary installed a long grass carpet across the village of Jaujac in France. The green trail required 168 rolls and runs for 420 meters (1,377 feet).

Art Color Installations Painting

Distorted Reality

German painter Markus Linnenbrick is known for making mind-bending stripe installations in hallways and rooms.

Art Flowers and Plants Installations Painting

Wallpaper Frenzy

Michael Lin’s floral art installations are inspired by traditional Taiwanese textiles. His work is hand-painted on panels that hang in front or on the lobby floor of a museum, gallery, cafe, and other spaces.

Art Environmental Installations Outdoors Patterns

Spiral Patterns on snow in the Rocky Mountains

Artist Sonja Hinrichsen teamed up with five volunteers to create an outdoor art installation entitled “Snow Drawings.”