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Vivid Fantasy Imagery with a Dark Twist by Ransom & Mitchell

Ransom & Mitchell is an artistic duo based out of San Francisco, comprised of Stacey Ransom (designer, digital artist) and Jason Mitchell (director, photographer). Together, they produce vivid, story-filled fantasy images. Their process starts from the ground up, combining set design, costuming, and prop construction with computer graphics. Drawing influence from the “Italian and Dutch […]

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The Essence of Skin: An Interview with Evelyn Bencicova

If you enjoy dark art, chances are that you’ve encountered the incredible work of Slovakian photographer Evelyn Bencicova. I’ve written about her work twice before, describing each photo as an “otherworldly vision” of beauty that “extends into the alien and absurd.” Born in 1992, Bencicova bought her first camera after she had eye surgery at […]

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Cake Fangs: Sweetly Lethal Sculptures by Scott Hove

Scott Hove is an LA-based artist who turns the ingredients of beauty and violence into colorful, snarling cakes. As part of an ongoing project called “Cakeland,” these sculptures explore “the process of re-integrating light and dark, [moving] from a false dualism to a true whole.” While the juxtaposition of sweetness and savagery may be the […]

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Tenderness for the Dead: Sculptures by Berlinde de Bruyckere

The wax sculptures of the Ghent-born artist Berlinde de Bruyckere ask the viewer a question rooted in ethics: What does a subject need to lack in order to be considered a soulless object? They resemble the byproducts of a morgue, a slaughterhouse, or a taxidermist’s table, all of which are thematically linked as platforms of […]

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Cement Eclipses: Mini Public Sculptures by Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal is a Spanish street artist who builds miniature installations in public spaces around the world. Titled “Cement Eclipses,” his project consists of tiny clay people who interact with urban environments in ways that explore society, capitalism, and the absurdity of human existence. From homeless figurines sleeping overtop storm drains to the aftermath of […]

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Chilean Street Art Around the World: Colossal Murals by INTI

INTI is a street artist from Valparaiso, Chile, who paints large-scale murals on buildings around the world. From France to Delhi to Santiago, INTI brings his South American roots to life in colorful portraits that represent the overlapping histories of Chilean arts and culture, the Incas, capitalism, and Christianity. Embodying these complex systems of tradition […]

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Jennifer Angus’ Spectacular Wallpaper Comprised of 5,000 Bugs

Artist Jennifer Angus has produced a site-specific installation that lines hot pink walls with 5,000 real insects. Appropriately titled “In the Garden,” she uses their bodies to produce an intricate, ornamental wallpaper that features iridescently-colored stag beetles, cicadas, and other bugs that are the size of a human fist. Together, these southeast Asia-based creatures form […]

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Motelscape: A Surreal Full-Room Critique of Fantasy and Commodified Desires

As part of last year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, multimedia artists Marina Fini, Signe Pierce, Sierra Grace, and Sydney Krause created “Motelscape,” an otherworldly full-room installation located in a love suite of the Miami Princess Hotel. Every object was specifically designed to convey a sense of replicated and illusory reality, such as the translucent plexiglass […]

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10 Rogue Taxidermy Artists Who Create Imaginative Sculptures

The art of taxidermy has been practiced for a long time; the ancient Egyptians embalmed and entombed cats, birds, and other creatures. Over the millennia, animals have been mounted as hunters’ trophies and museum artifacts. It is an odd practice, one that is traditionally pulled between human pride, symbolism, and a desire to memorialize deceased […]

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Spencer Tunick’s Awe-Striking Installations of Nude Crowds

Note: Contains nudity. Spencer Tunick is an American photographer who has traveled the globe taking stunning photographs of nude crowds. Amassed and synchronized in large groups, the volunteers pose in diverse (and sometimes challenging) environments, such as public spaces in Monaco, botanical gardens in Mexico, and impressively, the Swiss glacier of Aletsch. Defying logic with […]