Art Insects Wood

Insect Drawings on Russian Nesting Dolls

Although he is not professionally an entomologist, Raul del Sol meticulously studies the metamorphosis stages of various insects to create works of art. From the egg and larva to the full grown butterfly, he cleverly illustrates the life cycle on Matryoshka dolls. He also scans the knots and grains of the wood to add that […]

Art Insects Printmaking & Engraving

A Linoleum Block Print

“Decline” is the title of Holly Avery’s newest linocut that is related with endangered flowers and insects found in California. Her work was printed in dark brown with a monotype blue background on white paper, and is currently being sold at Etsy.

3D Black & White Drawing Hyperreal Insects

Are you Scared of Spiders?

Twenty-one year old Kenn Skogli aspires to become a tattooer, and one can only imagine that his tats will be based on his realistic drawings. He loves to do speed sketches, and the results are actually quite impressive with 3D spiders, keys, chains, and more. See also: “Pencil Art: Turn the Light On” and “I’m […]

Art Cutouts Insects Paper Art

An Artist who travels with a Pencil, a Pair of Scissors, and Paper

The majority of Rebecca J. Coles’ portfolio is made up of paper cutouts of butterflies. “Each shape is hand drawn and then intricately hand cut from carefully selected paper, focusing on recycling a medium that would otherwise be discarded and lost. I dissect small details of colour, imagery and text into silhouettes that are then […]

Animals Art Insects Recycled Sculpture

Nespresso Coffee Capsules Reshaped into Insects

Artist Alex Aebi has a number of projects that include reused materials such as Nespresso insects and flowers, cardboard boats, solar toys, and more.