Animation Black & White Illustration Storytelling Video

Storytelling in Black and White

“Umbro Blackout” is a short animated film directed by Buck.

Art Drawing Illusion Illustration

Crazy Characters Invade My Body and Soul

The image above plus a few others within post were actually drawn for Eatcho’s website (specifically for the home page, each word links to a section such as “News,” “Artwork,” “Videos” and more). I love how the artist intertwines characters into the shape of a face or animal. Warning: This post may contain images with […]

Art Illustration Painting

Almost Invisible

Oil paintings by Eduardo Fonseca. View more of his work at Flickr.

Art Caricatures Drawing Illustration Portraits

Me and My Big Head!

The caricature art of Dominic Philibert.

Design Illustration Movies Posters

Film Posters with Double Messages

Alamo Drafthouse commissioned Jason Munn to design a series of posters for the “2011 Rolling Roadshow Tour.”

Art Black & White Drawing Illustration

Incredible Scratchboard Illustrations

Illustrator Kent Barton uses a scratchboard, which “is a technique where drawings are created using sharp knives and tools for etching into a thin layer of white China clay that is coated with black India ink.”[1]

Art Books Embroidery Illustration

Beautiful Sewn Drawings

Illustrator Jillian Tamaki has made embroideries for three Penguin book covers.

Art Illustration Metal Recycled Sculpture

The Nail Art of Marcus Levine

Note: Contains nudity. Artist Marcus Levine can take three days to two months to make a nail art composition. The number of nails used will vary from 15,000 to his largest sculpture with 52,000. And an interesting fact is that Levine hammers directly the metal-heads into a composite wood board without following a draft. Notes […]

Art Black & White Illustration

Black & White and Japan’s Red Sun

These are spectacular drawings made with a ballpoint pen and marker by Shohei. There are a small number of illustrations that have red coloring, it looks to be done by computer. Warning: This post may contain sexual references. Viewer discretion is advised.

Art Embroidery Illustration

Yippee, it’s Sewn!

These are thread illustrations by Nike Schroeder. Warning: This post may contain images with nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.