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3D Street Art of the Sea by NEVERCREW

Street art collective NEVERCREW have sought out the oceans deep in search of inspiration for their latest round of visual trickery. With the city streets as their canvas, we see giant whales streaming directly from a cloud of coloured smoke and a melancholy penguin upon a shrinking iceberg. All of this is done in their […]

Anamorphic Animals Art Graffiti Motion Murals Spray Paint Street Art

Pantonio’s Graffiti Art of Rabbits in Motion

Pantonio is an established name in the street art circuit in Portugal. Known for human-animal hybrids in motion, and fishes and lots of rabbits. His characters seem to be part of a moving picture, which are incredibly painted with elongated black bodies and textured lines. One of his newest projects is a partially anamorphic painting […]

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New York’s Coolest Rising Artists

Note: Contains nudity. New York, New York. The city has given flight to some of the biggest and most exciting artists and movements that the world has ever known. They say if you can make it there, then you can make it anywhere. Well, the visionary artists selected here have certainly done that. Across the […]

3D Anamorphic Art Geometric Graffiti Illusion Murals

Perspective Illusions Painted and Taped by Fanette G.

Last year, I had published some photos of Fanette G.’s anamorphic paintings in abandoned buildings, and since then, she has been working on a new series titled “Regenerate14” (view the top 3 images of this post). “I decided to take a step forward and teamed up with a graphic designer friend to work on an […]

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Graffiti with an Energetic Flow

He started writing his graffiti name Bacon on walls in Toronto in the early 90s. Twenty years has past since then and his urban art has really evolved. His outlines are perfectly fluid, his color combinations and shading are beautiful, and there is dynamic movement in all of his works. A few murals (like the one […]

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Vhils’s Graffiti and Styrofoam Art Is Exhibited in Lisbon

Street artist Vhils has finally gotten the credit he deserves. This is his first major solo show at the Electricity Museum (EDP Foundation) in Lisbon, located near the breathtaking Jeronimos Monastery and Belem Tower. From a cylindrical mural outside the entrance, to a giant Styrofoam anamorphic piece (inside the museum) with three faces emerging once you […]

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Insanely Good 3D Graffiti by Odeith

Portugal’s street art has really evolved over the years with an impressive number of artists, and you can see some of their work on websites like Stick2Target, Mr. Dheo, and Underdogs. One of the household names is Odeith, a graffiti rider since 1996, spray painting cabinets and walls in railway routes. An innovator for using […]

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Comics and Anime Inspired Graffiti

LA artist Tristan Eaton has been busy, in February he was painting a sci-fi anime inspired mural on a three-story building during the festival POW! WOW! Hawaii. In March, he used up to 500 spray cans (with the help of four assistants) to illustrate a piece in honor of Alexander Bell on a former telephone […]

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Famous Faces in Graffiti

New Zealand-based graffiti artist Owen Dippie (great name by the way) leaves his distinct style of wall art across the world. Using well-known faces and celebrities as his subject matter, he creates these visual monuments in a simple but effective manner. He also has a great eye for contrast, shading and colour. Images © Owen […]

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The Street Art Parrot

Portuguese street artist Bordalo II, born and raised in Lisbon, takes the gritty urban landscape as his canvas in which to perfect his mixed media style effects. His works literally leap out from the wall as he sources the streets for his supplies: giant, rainbow-hued parrots built up from tires and scrap pieces of metal and flowers made […]