3D Art Experimental Geometric Street Art

Geometrical Rope Graffiti

The outdoor art interventions of Moneyless.

Abstract Animation Experimental Geometric Music Video

Hypnotic Visuals and Sound

This music video was made for Amon Tobin’s “Fan Video Project.” It was directed and animated by Jim Jam Graphics and XYZee Design. “Taking inspiration from the title of the track [“Calculate”] as well as the music, we wanted to make a music video set in a simple graphical world of calculation and information processing,” […]

3D Anamorphic Art Best of 2011 Geometric Graffiti

Anamorphic Graffiti by Paper Donut

French collective Paper Donut have painted a series of walls with three-dimensional shapes. The first graffiti piece (shown above) is part of an ad campaign for fashion store Sqwear, and the other two visuals (bottom of post) are personal projects. Photos © Paper Donut Link via Unurth

Anamorphic Art Geometric

Floating Shapes and Words in Abandoned Buildings

The meticulous anamorphic art of Georges Rousse. See also: “An Anamorphic Medusa Viewed Inside a Factory” and “It’s Definitely a Point of View.”

Art Geometric Landscape Photography

My Organized Life (with Aerial Pictures)

It is beautiful to see the symmetry and harmony of shapes from different landscapes. All photographs ©/by Cameron Davidson.

Abstract Geometric Patterns

Abstract Patterns Photographed from Space

Although these images look like modern tapestries or abstract paintings, they are actually snapshots of agricultural fields taken from NASA’s Terra and Landsat satellites in space.

3D Art Geometric Graffiti Street Art

Three-dimensional Graffiti

Although, these images look computer generated graphics, they’re actually hand-painted on indoor and outdoor walls by graffitist Peeta.