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Eat Vader, Mickey, Che, and Others!

I don’t like licorice flavor, but I do like Darth Vader! So I can definitely imagine myself eating “Stoyn Ice Cream.”  This is an experimental design project by Russian advertising agency Stoyn. The only problem I see about producing these popsicles would be getting licensing for the trademarks.

Advertising Design Food & Drinks Posters Recycled

Famous Paintings Made From Veggies and Fruit

This is a print advertising campaign for kitchen appliance company Magimix. The posters were designed by Shalmor Avnon Amichay from Y&R Interactive, Tel Aviv.

Art Food & Drinks Knitting

Best Knitted Burger in Town

Artist Ed Bing Lee has created food sculptures essentially from waxed linen, linen, cotton and raffia.

Food & Drinks Recycled

Do you Want Hamburger and Fries?

This appears to be food made from clothing and other textile items by Perish Factory.

Art Design Food & Drinks Recycled Typography

Bite Me Typography

Finally, new experimental projects by Anna Garforth! She’s known for her creation of “Moss Graffiti.” Garforth has now plunged herself into exploring completely different materials to make typefaces, such as cooking biscuits, composing dried flowers, and sticking tape on a fence. Impressive work!

Art Food & Drinks Painting Photography

Artistic Fruit

“Organic Botanic” is a photographic series of hand-painted fruit, vegetables and flowers made by Carl-Johan Paulin and Martin Bergstrom. This may well be the first part of the project, because there are only fruit photos available so far.

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Edible Nails

These are chocolate nails designed by Stephane Bureaux.