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Fantasy Meets Strange Fashion in Ilona D. Veresk’s Photography

Ilona D. Veresk describes her work as “romantic and strange,” full of “infantile curiosity” in her portrayal of limitless fantasies. Born in Izhevsk (a small city in Russia) in 1993, Veresk began her artistic career as a painter before transitioning to freelance photography about three years ago. She now lives in Moscow, where she works […]

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New Calligraphy Murals and Futuristic Fashion by Pokras Lampas

Pokras Lampas is no stranger to our magazine—we’ve featured his mind-blowing calligraphy before, such as his 2015 “Calligraphy on Girls” series. However, this Russian artist’s versatility knows no bounds, as he has been exploding (further) into the worlds of mural art and fashion. The cover image is from his latest project, where he painted a […]

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The Sinking World: Magical Photomontages by Andreas Franke

Andreas Franke is an award-winning commercial photographer based in Vienna. After diving in the Caribbean, he was inspired to create art that both expressed the beauty of the ocean, and interacted directly with it. The resulting series is called “The Sinking World,” starting with composite photographs that combine underwater shots with studio images of costumed […]

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UltraWide Monitors Leading the Future of Creative Thinking

The digital nomad might be en vogue—after all, what’s more enticing than traveling the world with your laptop? But, this romantic idea comes with one big drawback. You’re probably working on a small screen. And whether you realize it or not, you’re less productive because of it. With a 13 or even a 15-inch laptop, […]

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I Must Be Dead: Vibrant and Surreal Portrait Photography

I Must Be Dead (McKay Jaffe) is a Phoenix-based photographer creating mind-blowing portraits of unusual characters. Using body paint and makeup, he and the subjects construct scenes of fantasy and nightmare, invoking conflicting feelings of sensuality, intrigue, and unease. Subversive by nature—for example, Jaffe views being human as a “program,” wherein people are “designed to […]

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Ancient Knowledge in the Cyber-Age Imagery of Antonella Arismendi

The work of Argentine fashion photographer Antonella Arismendi is an esoteric fusion, overlaying cyber-age aesthetics (something akin to “glitch art”) with the ancient symbolism of kabbalism, occultism, and astrology. As an impassioned astrologist herself, Arismendi trusts in a cosmic universality, believing that “the spiritual movements that have occurred in different times arise from the same […]

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Dark Magic in Hogan McLaughlin’s Fashion and Illustrations

Hogan McLaughlin is an American dancer, fashion designer, and artist whose work is influenced by medieval imagery and the fantasy genre. For his spring 2016 collection, McLaughlin collaborated with the New England-based artist Bill Crisafi to create the series of images featured here. Entitled “Upon the Heath of Bedlam,” they are shot in Salem, Massachusetts. […]

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Modern Addictions: Surreal Photography by TOMAAS

In “Modern Addictions,” fine-art fashion photographer TOMAAS explores the over-consumption and dependency on prescription drugs. “Over the course of our lifetime, we are likely to be prescribed over 14,000 pills . . . [We] are on the verge of becoming a medicated society,” he explains, describing his inspiration for the series. In these photos, TOMAAS […]

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Illustration Meets Fashion: Clothing as Moving Art

Sewing is deeply ingrained into our history as human beings. During the Paleolithic era, early humans used bones to fashion crude sewing needles that they’d then use to sew together animal skins with sinew thread. Eventually, this design was refined, with the first known needle-with-eye dating back about 25,000 years ago. Sewing was done by […]

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Darkly Seductive Photography by Funnylens

Note: Contains nudity. The nude photographs of Bangkok-based Funnylens (Tanate Chantanakorn) are stylishly macabre. Channeling an underlining angst, the models curl up in smoky water and large iron tubs, their exposed body parts accentuated by ink-black shadows. Some of them are holding skulls and doll faces over their own; others are strewn with flowers. By […]