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Ancient Knowledge in the Cyber-Age Imagery of Antonella Arismendi

The work of Argentine fashion photographer Antonella Arismendi is an esoteric fusion, overlaying cyber-age aesthetics (something akin to “glitch art”) with the ancient symbolism of kabbalism, occultism, and astrology. As an impassioned astrologist herself, Arismendi trusts in a cosmic universality, believing that “the spiritual movements that have occurred in different times arise from the same […]

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Modern Addictions: Surreal Photography by TOMAAS

In “Modern Addictions,” fine-art fashion photographer TOMAAS explores the over-consumption and dependency on prescription drugs. “Over the course of our lifetime, we are likely to be prescribed over 14,000 pills . . . [We] are on the verge of becoming a medicated society,” he explains, describing his inspiration for the series. In these photos, TOMAAS […]

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Creepy Canada: 10 Horror Films from the North

Despite its picturesque views of mountains, sun-kissed prairies, and deep woods, Canada has a reputation for being a bizarre and scary place. In 1971, Canadian literary theorist Northrop Frye argued that the main trend (or symptom) in Canadian poetry was “a terror of the soul” invoked by the vast and unfeeling landscape.[1] While critics have […]

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Shai Langen Redefines the Human Form

Combining material design and photography with human models, Shai Langan creates otherworldly images that shift our visual perspective. He experiments with such materials as wallpaper paste mixed with acrylic paint, liquid latex with calcium nitrate, and fermented dough. “By using photography or film,” he says, “I animate material, which interacts with the human body to […]

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Soulful Stargazing: Photography by Nadia Maria

Nadia Maria is a photographer based in Bauru, Sao Paulo, who creates dark, figurative images that capture stories of emotional pain, awakening, and transformation. Featured here is a series of her images depicting nude men and women enmeshed in constellation-like patterns, looking skyward, or curled up and charted out like geometric equations. Contrasting light with […]

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10 Morbid Sculptures Brimming with Death and Body Horror

Note: Contains violent content. Melting flesh, living corpses, and mutating organs: there are few things as unsettling as wildly degenerating bodies. In the wake of twisted films that characterized the science fiction and horror of the late 1970s and 80s—Ridley Scott’s “Alien” and John Carpenter’s “The Thing,” for example—the journal “Screen” coined the term “body […]

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White-on-Black Tattoo Experiments

One side effect from the rise in tattooing is a rise in regret, as well. That’s a big reason white-on-black ink cover ups are sparking curiosities around the world. White-on-black isn’t new, but it’s definitely growing as more people seek creative cover ups. Lasering is expensive, scarification is still niche, and solid blackwork can feel […]

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Portraits of Fear by Magdalena Pacewicz

“I still feel fear, but I like to smile,” writes Magdalena Pacewicz, describing the ambivalent subjects of her ghostly overlay photography. Based in Wroclaw, Poland, Pacewicz mixes digital technology with traditional media to create black-and-white portraits, melting together facial features with ghoulish eyes and lipless mouths. Seeking to dive deep into the human psyche, Pacewicz […]

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Darkly Seductive Photography by Funnylens

Note: Contains nudity. The nude photographs of Bangkok-based Funnylens (Tanate Chantanakorn) are stylishly macabre. Channeling an underlining angst, the models curl up in smoky water and large iron tubs, their exposed body parts accentuated by ink-black shadows. Some of them are holding skulls and doll faces over their own; others are strewn with flowers. By […]

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3D Worlds of the Future: An Interview with Digital Artist Gohmn

From high school street artist, to musician, to talented 3D creator, Andrew Williams—“Gohmn” to his online community – has dabbled in a lot of creative outlets. His current passion is creating surreal and detailed 3D worlds which are the result of a daily practice. His inspiration for his work ranges from music, to Arizona sunsets, […]