Art Body Art Color Environmental Photography

Acrobatic Poses

Bertil Nilsson has just released two new photos from his “Luminescence” series, which includes laser beams screened on the body of acrobatic gymnast champion, Edward Upcott. Nilsson has focused on capturing pictures of the human body in motion, from artistic shots of athletes and dancers to circus performers. Another great example of this is, “Naturally,” […]

Art Ecological Environmental Installations Recycled

Back to Nature

I have been an admirer of environmental art, but it is not that frequent to find artists working within this medium. A few past related features include patterns in the snow by Sonja Hinrichsen, creations based on local traditions by Scarlett Hooft Graafland, and the popular tree illusions by Zander Olsen. In this latest post, I […]

Art Environmental Outdoors Street Art

Outdoor Rope Art

A few years ago, I had featured Moneyless’ “Geometrical Rope Graffiti,” and he has continued working within this medium. His art is unique and three-dimensional, and I like how it almost looks like a digital photomontage, but in reality, you know that he has spent time planning, pulling and attaching strings in the woods.

Crafts Cutouts Environmental Paper Art Sculpture

Renewable Paper Art

Paper craftsman Bovey Lee has created these intricate illustrations using a three step process: 1) drawing, 2) digital rendering, and 3) knife cutting. Each design is made from a single sheet of Chinese Xuan (rice) paper mounted on silk, and both these materials are recyclable. See also: “Paper Artist Inspired by Nature and Childhood.”

3D Animals Art Environmental Mirrors Sculpture

The Big Mirrored Bear

I previously featured Anna Garforth’s art creations “Bite Me Typography” and “Rethink, Reuse, Recreate.” Her latest work titled “Wandering Territory” includes a 3D cardboard bear, which illustrates animal migration and the evolving urban landscapes that spoil natural habitat. Although her sculpture is not reflecting images from the room it is placed in, it still has […]

Art Digital Environmental Photography

A New Reality

Mark Dorf’s image series “Axiom & Simulation” studies the way humans quantify and explore their surroundings by artistic, scientific and digital means.

Art Environmental Landscape Patterns

Snow Art

The beautiful environmental art of Simon Beck. If you enjoy his work, you will also like “Spiral Patterns on snow in the Rocky Mountains” (by Sonja Hinrichsen).

Art Ecological Environmental Installations Outdoors Street Art

It is Not the Yellow Brick Road

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the “Arts and Nature Trail” program, artist Gaelle Villedary installed a long grass carpet across the village of Jaujac in France. The green trail required 168 rolls and runs for 420 meters (1,377 feet).

Art Environmental Installations Outdoors Patterns

Spiral Patterns on snow in the Rocky Mountains

Artist Sonja Hinrichsen teamed up with five volunteers to create an outdoor art installation entitled “Snow Drawings.”

Architecture Design Environmental Mirrors Transparency

The Mirror House duplicates the Surrounding Environment

It almost looks like part of the building is invisible. This architectural project was designed by studio MLRP—they “transformed an existing graffiti-plagued playground structure to an inviting and reflective pavilion as part of the new ‘Interactive Playground Project’ in Copenhagen.” [1] MLRP used fun house mirrors to create an interactive space for passing spectators, which […]