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The Mystical Masks and Other Worlds of LĂ©onard Condemine

Note: Contains nudity. LĂ©onard Condemine is a French mixed-media artist interested in identity formation and alienation. Since 2010, he has been crafting cryptic masks, decorating them with feathers, mirror shards, and painted geometric shapes. Each mask is contextualized in his ethereal photographs, which show the masked figures worshipping unseen gods under star-strewn skies and in […]

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Surreal Stormchasing Photographs by Benjamin Von Wong

Climate change is a growing concern, one which intensifies behind us as we carry on our daily lives. Photographer Benjamin Von Wong embarked an epic project to capture this phenomenon, using storms—those dark, unstoppable forces of nature—as his metaphor. Titled “Surreal Stormchasing Portraits,” Von Wong traveled seven states in two weeks alongside weather and environmental […]

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Update: Brian Cattelle’s Nation-Wide Project to Photograph Nude Women in Sites of Decay

Note: Contains nudity. Last March we featured the work of Brian Cattelle, an American photographer who embarked on an ambitious project called “BARE USA.” The concept was simple, yet powerful: to travel to each of the 50 states, photographing nude models in abandoned buildings, thereby reinvesting scenes of neglect with beauty and new life. On November […]

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Spencer Tunick’s Awe-Striking Installations of Nude Crowds

Note: Contains nudity. Spencer Tunick is an American photographer who has traveled the globe taking stunning photographs of nude crowds. Amassed and synchronized in large groups, the volunteers pose in diverse (and sometimes challenging) environments, such as public spaces in Monaco, botanical gardens in Mexico, and impressively, the Swiss glacier of Aletsch. Defying logic with […]

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Lost Bodies in Nature by Ruben Brulat

Warning: Contains nudity. Ruben Brulat is an accomplished French photographer whose series “Paths” is an interesting project that engages with themes of nature, identity and humanity. On his wandering travels through Europe and Asia he would encounter strangers along the way and some would agree to pose for him nude in the midst of some […]

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The Lost World: Digital Art by Gelmi Studio

Step into another world with the digital art of Gelmi Studio, who are based in Sao Paolo, Brazil. By skillfully using such software as Photoshop, they manage to create a completely believable vision of futuristic jungle planet, where the trees have claimed modern inventions, like cars, for themselves. Things that we seem to see as […]

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Double-Exposure Animals by Andreas Lie

Andreas Lie is a Norwegian visual artist who draws on the impressive range of flora and fauna of his homeland to create some pretty cool double-exposure prints. Images of wild wolves, brown bears and migrating reindeer are shown in the context of their environments: coniferous forests and snow-capped mountains. Lie’s work has a strong 70s […]

Art Environmental Sculpture

Green Hills Invade Olso Gallery

It appears at first glance that the NoPlace gallery has literally been taken over by a large mass of earth and grass. Where in actual fact, this green avalanche is the work of visual artist Per Kristian NygĂĄrd entitled “Not Red but Green.” The installation is made of the real stuff, as it was grown by […]

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The Last Dance of Midsummer

“If it only could be like this always—always summer, always alone, the fruits always ripe…” Beautiful words from Evelyn Waugh’s classic text, “Brideshead Revisited,” which perfectly captures the fleeting joys of a short, Northern summer. This is a concept that photographer Yume Cyan understands fully. In her midsummer-style images, circles of golden light dance across the […]

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The Magically Disappearing Barn

The radical, ideas based design studio STPMJ have a distinguished past of generating inspired projects which defy characterization. Here you can see their latest venture: an invisible barn created for the Architectural League’s Folly Competition, including concept designs. Built at the Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, NY, this looks like a magical place to spend an […]