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Growing Hybrid Mythologies: Update on Caitlin Hackett

Warning: Contains nudity. Hybridity is the law of nature in the visceral, organic artworks of Caitlin Hackett. We featured her in 2012, but she has been busy in the years since, producing visionary paintings and illustrations of humans and animals embroiled in rituals of sacrifice and rebirth. As roots and fungus sprout from dying bodies, […]

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Placide Avantia Tattoos the Dark Aesthetics of Nature and Geometry

Placide Avantia is a tattoo artist based in Aix-en-Provence, France. Combining animal imagery with geometric shapes and esoteric symbols, she etches (using vegan ink) the darkest aspects of nature, illuminating the symmetry, spiritualism, and cycles of life and death that permeate the natural world. She works from her private studio Fuscare, which she designed with […]

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Dissected Splendor: Nunzio Paci’s Visionary Anatomy Paintings

Nunzio Paci is an Italian artist who paints aged human bodies caught between evisceration and rebirth. He is interested in mutation and our relationship with nature. Recalling the anatomy illustrations of the Italian Renaissance, Paci reinvests an age-old admiration of the body’s structures with a figurative exploration of mortality and the spirit; as veins and […]

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Fish-Eyed Omens: Surreal Paintings by Hannah Faith Yata

Note: Contains nudity and sexual references. The world of Hannah Faith Yata is a psychedelic, symbolic feast. Interested in themes of feminism, environmental degradation, and morality, she produces large oil paintings of hybrid creatures in distorted worlds. Fish and fish-headed women—effectively, reverse mermaids—are recurring motifs, blurring mythology with a pained surrealism; their staring, lidless eyes […]

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Double-Exposure Animals by Andreas Lie

Andreas Lie is a Norwegian visual artist who draws on the impressive range of flora and fauna of his homeland to create some pretty cool double-exposure prints. Images of wild wolves, brown bears and migrating reindeer are shown in the context of their environments: coniferous forests and snow-capped mountains. Lie’s work has a strong 70s […]

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Back to Nature

I have been an admirer of environmental art, but it is not that frequent to find artists working within this medium. A few past related features include patterns in the snow by Sonja Hinrichsen, creations based on local traditions by Scarlett Hooft Graafland, and the popular tree illusions by Zander Olsen. In this latest post, I […]

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A Sweet Outdoor Mural

During a residency at Open Space art centre, artist Shelley Miller created a sugar mural that was displayed in downtown Victoria, British Columbia. Her work was purposely a temporary installation, because it could disintegrate with the rain at any time. Additionally, what made this art piece interesting is: it was uniquely fabricated with icing, and […]

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It is Not the Yellow Brick Road

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the “Arts and Nature Trail” program, artist Gaelle Villedary installed a long grass carpet across the village of Jaujac in France. The green trail required 168 rolls and runs for 420 meters (1,377 feet).

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Frozen Visual Poetry

“Ice Typography” is an environmental art series by Nicole Dextras, which includes words fabricated from ice and displayed on various landscapes. “The installations have varied from 8-foot high ice letters on the Yukon River to 18-inch high letters set in downtown Toronto. When the ice texts are installed on site, the temperature determines how long it […]

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Reverse Graffiti in Belgium

Artist Stefaan De Croock has used a high-pressure water jet to make clean advertising for online store De Invasie and arts center Stuk.