Category: Drawing

Dystopian Illustrations with an M.C. Escher Twist by Rune Fisker

Danish illustrator Rune Fisker draws chaotic scenes that feel like a single moment out of a larger story. The figures often occupy these compelling-yet-confusing spaces with the distinct feeling that they’re being watched. Part dystopian novel with an M.C. Esher-like approach to composition, we can’t help but wonder what Fisker is trying to say about […]

Severed and Split: The Grotesque Graphite Art of Miles Johnston

Artist Miles Johnston has two reoccurring motifs throughout his graphite drawings—division and compartmentalization. The images split his female subjects in two and often leave them faceless as their bodies viscerally spew liquid or are overcome with the likes of insects. They’re haunting with a grotesqueness that makes it impossible to look away—the details are just […]

Shades of Comedy and Death: Hypnotic Drawings by Michael Reedy

Michael Reedy draws moody anatomy illustrations with a pop-surrealist flair. Juxtaposing cartoonish and psychedelic elements with photorealistic bodies that have been flayed and cut open, his works create an emotional yet unsettling atmosphere. As he explains on his website, his more recent works revisit “the timeless themes of life, death, and the human condition.” Not […]

Nature Illustrations that Venture “Into the Woods” and Beyond

In Stephen Sondheim’s critically-acclaimed musical Into the Woods, characters from several iconic fairy tales are intertwined as they each venture into the one place they’re all unsure of—the dark woods. This is the place where Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack (from “Jack and the Beanstalk”) and others have to leave their comfort zones and […]

Morbid and Mysterious Illustrations by Virginia Mori

Virginia Mori is an Italian artist who resides and works in Pesaro and Milan. Using BIC pens on paper, she draws visions from a Victorian-esque nightmare; young girls wearing dark dresses and long hair, accompanied by their shadowy animal companions, are witnesses of and participants in a number of strange situations. As it often happens […]

Disembodied Rebirth: Charcoal Artworks by Aurore Lephilipponnat

Aurore Lephilipponnat is a French artist who incorporates Japanese Butoh dance into her charcoal drawings. Her visions often comprise of female or hybrid bodies who move gracefully across the page, suspended in various stages of life, death, and decay. In an interview with Artists of France, Lephilipponnat explains how Butoh is an art form capable […]

2017 Scene360 Awards: Win a $500 Ello Art Grant

The 2016 Scene360 awards were a huge success! That is if you go by the number of entries in different categories and the quality of work on display. What was witnessed was an array of artistic creations from hyperrealistic drawings, tattoos, sculptures, music videos, spray painting, fashion shoots, documentaries, and photos resembling past-century paintings. This […]

All We Cannot See: An Interview with Marco Mazzoni

Italian artist Marco Mazzoni has used colored pencils in his work since he was very young. Although some abandon the medium as they get older, Mazzoni continued to hone his pencil technique into something truly spectacular. He fuses colors into smooth, silky blends that resemble oil paintings. Although Mazzoni depicts elements of beauty, his work takes […]

Forest-Inspired Tattoos and Drawings by Katarzyna Krutak

Katarzyna Krutak is an illustrator and tattoo artist who says she’s “inspired by the smell of the forest.” Her images are a smattering of approaches, with one figure containing repeat patterns, energetic scribbles, and intricate dotwork. The flattened aesthetic has a folk art look and feel, as if these figures were plucked from a storybook. […]