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2017 Scene360 Awards: Win a $500 Ello Art Grant

The 2016 Scene360 awards were a huge success! That is if you go by the number of entries in different categories and the quality of work on display. What was witnessed was an array of artistic creations from hyperrealistic drawings, tattoos, sculptures, music videos, spray painting, fashion shoots, documentaries, and photos resembling past-century paintings. This […]

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All We Cannot See: An Interview with Marco Mazzoni

Italian artist Marco Mazzoni has used colored pencils in his work since he was very young. Although some abandon the medium as they get older, Mazzoni continued to hone his pencil technique into something truly spectacular. He fuses colors into smooth, silky blends that resemble oil paintings. Although Mazzoni depicts elements of beauty, his work takes […]

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Forest-Inspired Tattoos and Drawings by Katarzyna Krutak

Katarzyna Krutak is an illustrator and tattoo artist who says she’s “inspired by the smell of the forest.” Her images are a smattering of approaches, with one figure containing repeat patterns, energetic scribbles, and intricate dotwork. The flattened aesthetic has a folk art look and feel, as if these figures were plucked from a storybook. […]

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10 Best Illustrators of 2016

The field of illustration once had a period of time called “The Golden Age.” This 40-year stretch began in the 1880’s and continued into the 1920’s, coming to fruition because of advances in image reproduction technology. Once the public got a taste of graphic art, there became an insatiable demand for it. American illustrator Howard Pyle was […]

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There’s Beauty in Everything: An Interview with Peony Yip

Peony Yip, also known as The White Deer, inadvertently focuses her illustrative work on themes that make some people uncomfortable. One of her most popular series called “To Bloom Not Bleed” is described by her as “A series that portrays the fine line between the grotesque and beauty of death.” To Yip, you can find […]

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Artists Who Use Their Sketchbook as Handheld Galleries

The sketchbook is a special place for an artist. It’s like a playground—a place where they can try out new techniques, imagery, and generate new ideas and ways of working. The pages can even offer a place to emotionally heal. The work done in a sketchbook is often incorporated into an artist’s larger, more finalized […]

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Delicate Rot: Animal Paintings and Drawings by Hannah Ward

Hannah Ward draws and paints animals in opposing states of birth and decay, power and surrender, healing and infection. Deer, foxes, chipmunks, and other woodland creatures are painted in pastel colors that mix with the deep reds and blues of exposed viscera, suspended on the page in a symbolic purgatory that shows both their materiality […]

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Drawings and Paintings of Opposing Forces by Christina Mrozik

Years ago, artist Christina Mrozik had a stomach disease in which she couldn’t digest or absorb the nutrients from food. “After becoming rail thin and suffering through daily nightmares and being racked with pain for months on end,” she described, “I became very connected with a deeper part of myself.” Death, among other things, became […]

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Illustrations by Rose Wong Consider Death in a Tan Void

Illustrator Rose Wong ponders existence in her series “Consider Death.” Minimalist in its approach, she pits a solitary character among bold florals and geometric forms that seemingly go to nowhere—they’re islands among a tan void that’s devoid of anything. It exists with no known purpose, and you can’t help but feel a little sad when […]

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Wild and Wicked Overlay Tattoos by Pablo Puentes

Before he was tattooing, Canadian artist Pablo Puentes developed 3D film for the entertainment industry. “I gained familiarity with all kinds of stereoscopic imagery,” he explains. “That, coupled with my proximity to the mountains and wilderness, sparked the idea” for two-toned overlay tattoos. These “double up” designs, as he calls them, superimpose two separate images […]