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Call for Art, Tattoo and Film Writers

We’re looking for a freelance contributor who has a fun and casual writing style, is attentive to details/facts, has great photography skills and an eye for art and tattoo, or film. Our website is not focused on traditional art, but rather modern, unusual and eye-catching works of art. Fields of Interest: – Modern Tattoo Art […]

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The 2019 A’ Design Awards is Accepting Submissions

A sea creature like something from a HP Lovecraft nightmare rises out of the ocean. Men on the shore stand frozen in awe and terror. Beautifully rendered in the Impressionistic style of J.M.W. Turner, this eye-catching, illustrated concept art, designed for the video game “Dishonored 2,” is a past A’ Design Awards winner. The A’ […]

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10 Best Projects of the A’ Design Awards, So Far

While the alien-like image above looks like something straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie, it is in fact 2017’s A’ Design Awards winning “Robot Artwork,” by Huayu Li (category: Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design). The A’ Design Awards—with is grand jury panel made up of over 200 leading experts in the field of art—is […]

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Call For Entries Open for the 2019 A’ Design Awards

There are so many fascinating projects submitted to last year’s A’ Design Awards, like the Kremlin-looking 3D-art by Jerico Santander that actually represents “a transcendental and alternative idea of extraterrestrial life” (see above). As well as a fashion collection based on designer Rong Zhang’s Chinese upbringing and the Victorian-era; stylized tattoos, erotic bracelets, futuristic chairs, and […]

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Expressive Calligraphy by Dima AbraKadabra

Written words are arbitrary symbols, bearing no resemblance to the things they represent. However, the Saint Petersburg–based graphic designer/calligraphy artist known as Dima AbraKadabra is challenging this by shaping words to represent the signified action or feeling. Featured here is a series called “Integrate,” which consists of various adjectives and verbs that look as they […]

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Announcing the Winners of the 2018 A’ Design Awards

Where will you find a contest that honors fantastical computer generated creatures as well as a tribute to the Superstring theory? It’s the A’ Design Award and Competition! The impressive international contest has just announced its winners for the 2017 – 2018 year, and they represent some of the best creative thinkers in art and […]

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Tiny, Creepy-Cute Sculptures by Qimmyshimmy

Qimmyshimmy is a designer and “accidental sculptor” from Singapore (currently based in the Netherlands) who has been gaining attention on Instagram due to her creepy-cute subject matter: particularly, the tiny sleeping babies and disembodied human hearts she’s been sculpting. With soft skin and sleeping faces, the babies look quite endearing—except that Qimmyshimmy often arranges them […]

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Last Call for Entries to the 2018 A’ Design Awards

It is the final week to participate in the 2018 A’ Design Awards. The deadline is February 28. 2017 was a strong year in architecture, however, if it’s not your field don’t worry there are a 100 categories to compete in, such as art, film, graphic design, fashion, 3D printing, lighting design and more. Take […]

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Call for Entries: The 2018 A’ Design Awards

The spectacular 3D-printed “Hurricane” lamp, shown above, “creates a contrasting image of dynamics and statics, opacity and transparency, solid and void, and defined boundary and infinite reflectivity,” states product designer Naai-Jung Shih. When the table lamp is turned on its indirect lighting displays the tempestuous storm, and when turned off, it still is a gorgeous […]

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Drawing in Space: Incredible Floating Cities by David Moreno

David Moreno is a Barcelona-based artist creating floating cities using steel rods and piano wire. He (somewhat modestly) describes his work as “trying to draw sculptures,” and indeed there is a correlation between his practices of illustration and sculpture; he creates digital sketches of his work and then transfers them into mind-bending 3D forms. Whether […]