Art Cutouts Geometric Paper Art

The Beauty of Organic Shapes

Artist Ruth Mergi specializes in paper cutouts, from artistically floral designs to sophisticated Ketubahs. The latter is a special type of Jewish prenuptial document, which Mergi custom designs and sells on Etsy. You can view examples within post.

Animals Art Birds Cutouts Illustration Paper Art

A True Love for Paper

This is the delicate paper art of Anatoly Vorobyev. Much of his work looks like regular printed illustrations, but the magical part is when you see a close-up picture of the cutout shapes. The patterns are detailed and precisely cut with a Japanese X-Acto knife.

Art Cutouts Paper Art Silhouette Art

Hand Cut Paper Art

These silhouettes are cut from a single sheet of paper by Dmytro and Iuliia. Their work is being sold at Etsy, and and if you like their style, you will also enjoy illustrations by Joey Bagley and David A. Reeves.

Art Cutouts Illustration Paper Art

Paper Wonderland

To create these intricate paper illustrations, artist Sarah Trumbauer hand cuts one by one with an X-Acto knife. The finalized images look like they came out of a children’s book, and it is quite possible that stories from her childhood have influenced her art. A certainty is Trumbauer is inspired by nature, Art Nouveau, patterns, […]

Art Cutouts Illusion Illustration Paper Art

Ojala’s Paper Art

Eiko Ojala combines paper cutouts with digital editing to create these minimalist illustrations for books covers, magazines, and more.

Crafts Cutouts Environmental Paper Art Sculpture

Renewable Paper Art

Paper craftsman Bovey Lee has created these intricate illustrations using a three step process: 1) drawing, 2) digital rendering, and 3) knife cutting. Each design is made from a single sheet of Chinese Xuan (rice) paper mounted on silk, and both these materials are recyclable. See also: “Paper Artist Inspired by Nature and Childhood.”

3D Crafts Cutouts Paper Art Sculpture

The Transparent God

Sculptor Peter Callesen has exclusively used thin white paper to create these large-scale cutouts. In the above image, he has cropped hundreds of human anatomies from a sheet, and glued them together to form a 3D model that is named “Transparent God.”

Art Black & White Cutouts Paper Art Stop Motion

Zombies, Cowboys, and Samurais

I have always been a fan of silhouette art. And I really enjoyed viewing David A. Reeves’s cinematic paper cutouts.

Cutouts Design Posters Typography

Lovely Letters

I like the typography of this poster, but what makes it special is that each letter is cutout from paper. Designer Pablo Alfieri has spent hours using an X-Acto knife and glue to perfect his design. You can view more of his work at Behance Network.

Art Cutouts Paper Art

Paper Artist Inspired by Nature and Childhood

Sarah Dennis is a freelance illustrator who has worked for a number of magazines, and has already published her first children’s book titled “Toby.” She is known for her intricate paper cutouts, but she also does mixed-media art that combines collage and painting.