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A Talk with Artist and Guinness World Record Holder Alle Tattoo

Known as “Alle Tattoo” in the tattoo industry, Alessandro Bonacorsi has been inking bodies for 20 years and has seen a lot in that time. Especially the growth of the industry. He’s established a colorful, painterly tattoo style that reflects his charismatic and glowing personality. He is a showman, entertainer—professional, courteous, and fun, and that […]

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Misguided Youth: An Interview with Artist Anthony Lister

In the documentary “Saving Banksy” (2017), artist Ben Eine states, “Crazy, Australian. He just embraces everything his art is. He is his art.” Indeed it is true about Anthony Lister, a world-renowned street artist and painter who lives and breathes his creative makings. He is eccentric but there is much more to him than short […]

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An Interview with Raya Souza, a Rising Star on the PT Tattoo Scene

With so many big names coming to tattoo conventions, it is also enjoyable meeting promising artists who are in their developing years and super excited about life and work. Raya Souza, a Lisbon-based artist that has loads of energy, positive energy—and it shines through her colorful artwork and personality. She is openly gay, married to […]

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Keeping the Old-School Tattooing Alive: A Talk with Filip Henningsson

There are people who have warm, gentle eyes, the kind of eyes that you sense are from a good person. And when you actually get to know that person they’re exactly as their eyes express: down-to-earth, positive, and affable; someone you wouldn’t mind being friends with. That is Filip Henningsson, a tattooer based in Sweden […]

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Nightmarish Tattoos: An Interview with Dark Artist Neon Judas

His real name is David Rinklin, better known as “Neon Judas.” The German artist specializes in black-and-grey tattoos of dark subject matters such as skulls, clowns and devils, and just reading these three words seems much lighter than what the actual work looks like. His tattoos infernally look like they’re snaps from horror films, death […]

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Inside the 1st International Setubal Tattoo Show

It was an unusually windy and cold weekend in June at the first-ever “Setubal Tattoo Show,” held at the Sado Hotel in Setubal—a city that is only a 30-minute drive from the capital of Portugal. But nothing stopped the 90 confirmed artists from traveling to the venue; the majority were Portuguese, well-known photorealists Mauro Amaral […]