Art City Color Recycled

The “Plastic City” of Shanghai

Artist Bang-yao Liu recreates the city of Shanghai from colorful plastic bins, cones and other items.

Architecture Art Color Glass Sculpture

Beautiful Plexiglass House

“Kolonihavehus” is a colorful outdoor sculpture by Tom Fruin.

Abstract Art Color Painting

Amazing Pour Paintings

It is fascinating to watch the process of spilling and mixing paint. View below videos of the art of Holton Rower.

Color Flowers and Plants Rainbow

Real Rainbow Roses

Dutch Peter van de Werken has invented rainbow roses for commercialization all over the world. The flowers are treated with natural pigments into their stems, so when they grow each petal has a different colour. Watch video “Rainbow Roses for Valentine’s day” (Reuters). Via The Fun Times Guide Photos © respective owners

Art Best of 2010 Color Installations Tape

Impressive Art made with Tape!

Using duct, electrical, and vinyl tape, Rebecca Ward symmetrically aligns each color line. It is impressive!