Collage Design Outdoors

Let’s Play Tetris!

These unique, nicely fitted, and eye-catching installations are the work of artist Michael Johansson. His designs bear a close resemblance to an old tile matching video game named “Tetris”—but instead of blocks, he stacks up various discarded household materials to give them an entirely new appearance.

Art Best of 2013 Black & White Collage Digital Photo Retouching Photography Surreal

Thomas Barbey: Living in a Surreal World

In every location Thomas Barbey has traveled to, he has taken photographs and used them to create artistic montages of his envisioned fictional worlds. Working with negatives and double exposures, each scene is displayed in black and white or sepia; inspired by his travels, everyday life, and art by Magritte, Escher and Roger Dean.

Art Collage Color

Madness in Paradise

This is the brilliant, hand-made collage art of Virginia Echeverria Whipple. Her work is a combination of classic and contemporary, and it is like she gets Picasso-crazy coloring over the photos.

Art Collage

World Turned Upside Down

The freaky photomontages of Kieron Cropper.

Art Collage Cutouts Illustration Mixed Media

Wannabe Munchkins

The mixed-media cutout illustrations of Sara E. Barnes. It is interesting to see the complex level of color, texture and layering in Barnes’ artwork.

Art Collage Cutouts Flowers and Plants

Flowered Anatomy

The collage art of Ben Giles. View more at Flickr.

Art Collage Cutouts

The Contortionist

The collage art of Office Supplies Incorporated.

Art Black & White Collage Cutouts


This is the layered collage art of Abigail McGuane. Some of her cutout shapes remind me of Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art explosions (e.g. “Whaam!,” 1963).

Art Collage Cutouts

Freaky Triangle

The collage art of Jordan Clark.

Art Collage Cutouts Paper Art Recycled

Collage Car Crash

Artist Patrick Bremer has created works of art using cutouts of magazines and books.