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10 Contemporary Canadian Artists Who Reimagine Frontiers

Canadian art has been historically recognized for its representations of the country’s magnificent landscapes. Near the beginning of the twentieth century, the Group of Seven set out to capture Canada’s cultural spirit by painting the transcendent force of the wilderness. Their work reflects the purity, beauty, and mystery of nature—the mythos of the untameable Canadian […]

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Out-of-this-World Coffee Cup Manipulations by Witchoria

Are we witnessing the next level of latte art? Maybe in the future! These coffee cup montages are the creations of Witchoria, a Brooklyn-based graphic designer with a big imagination. Although her images are not Photoshop perfect, it doesn’t even matter as they stimulate our minds and transport us into parallel worlds. Also take a […]

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Intoxicating Retro Collages by Drømsjel

There is a philosophical air to the work of Berlin-based visual artist Pierre Schmidt (aka Drømsjel) that is exhilarating. He creates mind-mending digital collages drawing inspiration from the likes of Friedrich Nietzsche. Breaking down his subjects to their most basic form, before building them back together with plenty of surreal flourishes thrown into the mix. Images © […]

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Robert Jahns’ Surreal Photo Edits

Robert Jahns creates surreal photographs depicting people and animals in scenes that easily suspend our reality. Incredibly, he does all of the editing on his iPhone, using apps like VSCO Cam, ArtStudio, and Snapseed. The result is stunning scenarios where the subjects of the photographs live out some of our wildest fantasies and dreams. Artwork © Robert […]

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Artist Creates Beautiful Digital Collages

Oleg Borodin is an illustrator and photographer based in Moscow. His series of digital collages features a broad range of different kinds of imagery, from reindeer, athletes and architecture, but all possess the same stylish sense of minimalism and composition. Images © Oleg Borodin Via Behance

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Large-scale Collage Pieces by Vik Muniz

Vik Muniz is a photographer and artist from Brazil. He has developed a beautiful collage style over the years that involves sourcing and collecting everything from vintage postcards to toy soldiers in order to create his large-scale masterpieces. Images © Vik Muniz Via My Modern Met

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Colour in the Digital Collage

The mixed media collages of Bolin Zhang get the balance exactly right between nostalgia and modernity, and between colour and black and white. The imagery may be defined by an old fashioned aesthetic but the colours that Zhang has chosen bring us right up to the contemporary age. It is a lovely combination. Enjoy! Images […]

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Collage: Stir Up a Storm

Wishing he was born 100 years ago, this British artist Joe Webb makes collages the old fashion way: with scissors, magazines and glue. His work is playful, surreal, and also minimalist as he uses just two or three cutout images to compose a new one. Artwork © Joe Webb Via Saatchi Online

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Digital Collages with Vintage Flair

I am an admirer of hand-cut collages, however, nowadays this technique is less used by artists as many prefer to crop images via Photoshop. An example is Joseba Elorza who does a great job at digitally composing pictures to give an old-school collage appearance. You can see the making of one of his photomontages at […]

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A Stairway to the Universe

I remember doing collages in high school, and I really liked the traditional technique of cutting out pictures from magazines or newspapers and glueing them, rather than doing computer generated montages. It is fun to touch the materials as you work. And I think Bryan Olson may agree with me, as he has created these […]