Art City Color Light Photography

Takashi Kitajima’s Dazzling Bokeh Photography of Tokyo

Having spoken with Takashi Kitajima about his beautiful pictures of Tokyo in 2013, it is now a good time to follow-up and see what else he is photographing at night. This computer software engineer says he “hardly goes out. Strikes keyboards every morning to midnight,” but apparently when he is outdoors, it’s the right hour […]

Art City Collage Digital Outdoors Photo Retouching Photography Surreal

Robert Jahns’ Surreal Photo Edits

Robert Jahns creates surreal photographs depicting people and animals in scenes that easily suspend our reality. Incredibly, he does all of the editing on his iPhone, using apps like VSCO Cam, ArtStudio, and Snapseed. The result is stunning scenarios where the subjects of the photographs live out some of our wildest fantasies and dreams. Artwork © Robert […]

Architecture Art City Miniature Photography

High Above the Skyscrapers with Navid Baraty

To be accorded such a stunning bird’s eye view over a great metropolis is a dazzling gift. So we should all thank photographer Navid Baraty who has scaled the skyscrapers of New York and shot these images for us. It really makes one feel rather small when faced with such a different perspective of the […]

Art City Photography

Amazing Time Slice Photography

These images by LA-based motion designer Michael Marker-Moore are time slice photographs, created as a montage of individual pictures of the same location at different times of the day. The subjects for this inspired project are cities across North America (New York, Chicago, Toronto, etc) and they are portrayed through a fresh, visually stimulating lens. […]

City Landscape Photography

Dubai from the Sky

Photographer Karim Nafatni scales the highest skyscrapers of Dubai in search of the perfect shot. Often taking on buildings 700 feet or higher, he is able to capture all the angles of the city—one moment he is shrouded in fog, the next he is mirrored in a lake. Enjoy this rare bird’s-eye view of one […]

Art Best of 2014 City Digital Hottest!

In the Heart of the Neon Manga City

Currently living in London, this Belgium concept artist Jonas De Ro has envisioned beautiful cityscapes as part of his personal art collection, and also commissioned work for the film and gaming industries. He uses tools and software like Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Wacom Intuos and ZBrush to create these detailed scenes with contrasting colors and natural […]

Architecture Art City Painting

An Artist Passionate About Architecture

Having studied architecture at a Polish university, Maja Wronska gracefully paints on paper the ornamented facade of Rouen Cathedral, as shown above. Much of her work is focused on churches, bridges, and city life in Paris, Venice, Prague and New York City. Artwork © Maja Wronska

Art City Color Light Photography

Nighttime in Tokyo: Photography by Takashi Kitajima

Takashi Kitajima will stand on an observation deck of a high-rise building or on a pedestrian bridge to capture a stunning picture of Tokyo—from the Shinjuku Park Tower shown above to the Rainbow Bridge seen below. His pictures are artistic and poetic as they display an out-of-focus technique which he calls “Extra Bokeh.” Photos © […]

Art City Painting Sketchbooks

Cityscape Moleskine Paintings

This is the fifth “Book of Paintings” by Missy Hammond Dunaway, an American artist living in Istanbul for a year due to a Fulbright Research Grant for fine arts. Her notebooks are beautifully painted with natural and acrylic inks, and each one includes about 50 pages which may take a full year to complete. Artwork […]

Art City Landscape Mirrors Photography

Eye-Catching Reflection Photos

It is always fascinating to see amazing reflection photos of cities and rural areas. Especially, when it is real pictures without any photomontage. The top image is the 12th bridge that crosses the Han River in South Korea, and below you can view beautiful auroras in the United States and Iceland. See also: “Top 10 […]