3D Anamorphic Art Chalk Illusion Street Art

The 3D Chalk Art of Leon Keer

For six straight days, street artist Leon Keer worked on a chalk drawing that included images of childhood attic objects (like old teddy bears and a baby doll) laying on the floor, and a big hole leading to an underground city. All of this was colored on the wood floor of an exhibition room in […]

Art Chalk Drawing Typography Video

Letters in Chalk

These are various chalkboard drawings by Chris Yoon, who has worked for clients like stationery representatives Daniel Richards and Mediterranean restaurant Colbeh. See also: “Messages on Chalkboards,” and “Getting Creative with Chalk.”

Animals Art Chalk Drawing Murals Patterns Street Art

Chalk Street Art

Street artist Philippe Baudelocque uses chalk to illustrate these unique and complex patterned murals. You can view some of his part work here.

Chalk Design Stop Motion Typography Video

Be Yourself at the Chalkboard

Belgian studio Soon has made a promotional stop-motion video for Twixl media. The clip is an interesting watch because it is fully typographic and illustrated with chalk by Kelly De Ceuninck, and Pieter Vanhoutte. Additionally, it has been creatively directed by Jim Van Raemdonck, and typography and art direction by Lee Skinner. See also: “Getting […]

3D Anamorphic Art Chalk Drawing Illusion Street Art

He Just Doesn’t Shut Up!

Last year, I featured Eduardo Relero’s anamorphic chalk art, and now you can view his latest work here.

Art Chalk Drawing Portraits Street Art

Chalk Drawings on the Streets

Rustam Valeev is only twenty-one years old, and already a very talented chalk artist.

3D Anamorphic Art Chalk Murals Street Art

Drawing on the Pavement

Inspired by Caravaggio and Rembrandt, Gregor Wosik paints elaborate murals and anamorphic images on the ground.

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The Lego Army

For the 4th Sarasota Chalk Festival, artists Leon Keer, Ruben Poncia, Remko van Schaik and Peter Westerink made a three-dimensional drawing on the ground that was inspired by the Terracotta Army. View more art by Leon Keer within post.

3D Anamorphic Art Chalk Street Art

The Dangerous Balancing Act

The amazing chalk art of Eduardo Relero. Warning: This post may contain sexual references. Viewer discretion is advised.

Advertising Chalk Design Drawing

Getting Creative with Chalk

For fifteenth anniversary of VIB (a life sciences research institute), design studio Coming Soon envisioned the full branding for their special event, which included over 200 chalk drawings.