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10 Celebrity Caricatures by Various Illustrators

Although Robert Pattinson has been included in this list, most illustrators tend to choose celebrities who have more wrinkles, or a big nose, or just facial personality that isn’t too symmetric and pretty. An example of this is literary Noble Prize winner Jose Saramago (who I met once at a book signing) whose face works wonders […]

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Smith’s Big Kiss

Malaysian illustrator Vince Low has made a total of nine celebrity portraits—all are full-time actors except for one—he included mixed martial artist Kimbo Slice who has done a few actions films, but seems a bit out of context here. View the full series at Behance Network. See also: “Just Doodling” and “Royale with Cheese.”

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Drawings: No Room For Mistakes

British artist James Mylne makes photo-realistic images using essentially a ballpoint pen, and sometimes he mixes other materials such as ink, marker, and spray paint. His drawings demand a great deal of concentration because one wrong stroke, can spoil the whole portrait.

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Minimalist Caricatures

I’m enjoying Stanley Chow’s clean illustration style (especially the David Lynch portrait).

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Famous Ponies

Finnish artist Mari Kasurinen customizes “My Little Pony” figures into fictional and real pop culture icons such as Batman and Robin, Storm Trooper, Lady Gaga, Elvis Presley, among others. Each remodeled toy is now considered to a “sculpture” that requires hair styling, custom clothes, body and face painting, and more.

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Food, Meds and Junk Transformed into Art

Artist Jason Mecier is known for his collection of portraits made from diverse objects such as food, pills, junk, and more. Warning: This post may contain images with nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.