3D Books Paper Art Recycled Sculpture

Amazing Book Carvings

Wow, I’m impressed with Guy Laramee‘s book-sculpting art.

Art Books Crafts Embroidery Movies

Hand-made “Star Wars” Book

Craft sewer Julie Gillrie has made a 10 page felt cloth Star Wars inspired book. You can buy a PDF kit to make your own at home. The artist is also working on a new edition, “A Star Trek Quiet Book.”

Art Books Paper Art Sculpture

Paper Sculptures by Bronia Sawyer

These are book and magazine pages folded into sculptures by Bronia Sawyer. Notes by the artist (from her website): I love to take something like a book and turning it in to something visually pleasing. With book sculpture I like the fact that books are flat and square they have order but by cutting them […]

Books Miniature

The World’s Smallest Library

Since 1969, Jozsef Tari has collected over 4,500 miniature books. His collections includes a wide range of themes from religion to politics, music, sports, and more. His smallest booklet is 2.9  x 3.2 mm (0.11 x 0.12 inches), which is recognized as the world’s smallest book.

Books Cutouts Shadow Art

Book Covers with Shadow Art

Herman Chaneco has designed three covers for “The Night Angel Trilogy” written by Brent Weeks. “Notice that the shadows create two images. One fills in the typography and the other light source creates the character,” [1] states Chaneco.

Art Books Embroidery Illustration

Beautiful Sewn Drawings

Illustrator Jillian Tamaki has made embroideries for three Penguin book covers.

Art Books Recycled Sculpture

Ancient Stone Figures Made from Phone Books

Artist Long-Bin Chen makes amazing replicas of human monuments.

Art Books Installations Sculpture

I’m Shelved in Books

The wacky art creations of Eva Kotatkova.

Architecture Books Design

Gigantic Bookshelf in Kansas City

The Kansas City Public Library has an creative architecture design for its central branch parking garage, i.e. the facade is covered with book spines of classic novels such as “Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien, “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, and more.