Art Birds Body Art Skulls Tattoo

Chaboya’s Skull and Bird Tattoos

Clients choose all types of thematic designs to get permanently inked on their body. And one person may think it is a great tattoo choice, and another may think, “Crazy!” Regardless of subject matter, I can say that tattooer Nick Chaboya is good at his craft. His work has a smooth aerosol paint quality and […]

Animals Art Birds Cutouts Illustration Paper Art

A True Love for Paper

This is the delicate paper art of Anatoly Vorobyev. Much of his work looks like regular printed illustrations, but the magical part is when you see a close-up picture of the cutout shapes. The patterns are detailed and precisely cut with a Japanese X-Acto knife.

Art Birds Black & White Drawing

Drawing Side by Side

You will often see birds, skulls, and big-eyed girls in Crajes’ artwork. And in some pieces, you will see two damsels who probably represent Crajes’ studio—i.e. the drawings are actually done by two people: Carla Rendon and Jessica Ruiz. The artists mention that their style is “Lowbrow and Surrealistic Pop,” and they are inspired by […]

3D Art Birds Color

Is this a Real Bird or a Sculpture?

Spanish sculptor Tania Blanco has created an art series titled “3D Library,” which is comprised of objects made solely from clay, plaster, and acrylic. The artist is known for the usage of striking colors, extreme cleanliness and clinical atmosphere in her work.

Animals Art Birds Graffiti Street Art

Just Living the Nightmare

You are familiar with a message in a bottle, and how about an owl stuck in a bottle? The feathered creature has been repeatedly painted on walls by No Entry Design. And you should also check out his hand-painted stores signs at Behance Network.

Animals Art Birds Embroidery

Recycling bits and pieces of Needlework

Louise Saxton’s textile artwork is made from reclaimed needlework, pins and tulle. “My current body of work reinterprets natural history and botanical paintings, reflecting the potential loss, of both species within the natural world and traditions within the home.” [1]

Art Birds Painting Recycled

Delicate Feather Art

Artist Ian Davie paints directly on swan feathers. His inspiration comes from “[…] sightings of wildlife, views of habitat or the effects of changing light, seasons and weather, often combined to create the ideal composition.” [1]

Art Birds Paper Art Sculpture

Curious Birds, Bugs, and Lobster

The “Cabinet of Curiosities” is a paper art project by Zim and Zou, which will be exhibited next month at the “Pick Me Up” (art fair) in London, UK. See also: “The Coolest Paper Game Boys.”

3D Animals Art Birds Paper Art

Gallus Gallus Domesticus

A small selection of paper art by Andy Singleton.

Animals Art Birds Cutouts Paper Art

The Delicate Cutter

Beautiful paper art by Emily Hogarth.