Art Best of 2014 Hyperreal Painting Portraits

Large-scale Oil Paintings

Other than a few noticeable brushstroke marks, each of Eloy Morales’s paintings look exactly like photographs. This Spanish artist is clearly a perfectionist who wants to depict reality as it is. One of the challenges with hyperrealist portraiture is getting the skin tones right, because Caucasian skin is more than just a “peach” color, it […]

3D Art Best of 2014 Digital

Mind-Bending Digital Sculptures

Deskriptiv is a German based studio consisting of designers Christoph Bader and Dominik Kolb. Their aesthetic is about utilising the full power of computer science and technology, exploring this in relation to form and graphic design. The stunning 3-D creations you see in front of you are the result of this. These illusionary works are simple and […]

Art Best of 2014 Drawing Hyperreal Pencil Art Sketchbooks

A Clown and Eyeballs

Using Derwent watercolor pencils, Dino Tomic draws realistic portraits and anatomy studies filling almost completely each piece of paper. And although Tomic is being featured for his drawings, he is actually a tattooist and airbrush artist working in his own studio in Norway. He is definitely not a man of just one art medium, so it […]