3D Abstract Animation Best of 2013 Motion

Getting High on Animated GIFs!

There are thousands of animated GIFs of Japanese cartoon characters, celebrities doing silly things and cute animals. Many of these image loops are cheesy, yet they go viral on the web because they’re fun and addictive to watch. In this post I’ve included animations by various individuals who actually take this medium seriously—using it as […]

Art Best of 2013 Photography Special Feature

Photographers to Look out for in 2014

2013 is coming to an end. And with that comes the dawn of a new year and new artists to look out for. All fields of photography from landscape to architecture will have their own stars—people who will define the coming year with exciting exhibitions and projects. In the photographers selected here, you’ll find everything […]

Art Best of 2013 Body Art Painting Special Feature Tattoo

Tattoos Inspired by Painting Techniques

In recent years, it has been noticeable a new wave of tattooers that are connected to fine art enthusiasts and students. It is obvious that drawing on a flat piece of paper is different from inking on someone’s body. These visual artists are fascinated with the challenge of inking on a complex surface such as […]

Art Best of 2013 Digital Illusion Photography

Photography and Surrealism

Surrealism is a style of art that’s hard to get right and very easy to get wrong. These gorgeous photographs by American photographer Christopher McKenney definitely get it right. The use of woods and nature as a setting serve to enhance the eeriness of his images: magic mirrors, burning beds and ropes of balloons. Time […]

Best of 2013 Color Movies Photography Special Feature

5 Most Visually Stunning Films of 2013

We’re now reaching the tail end of 2013 and its been a stellar year for cinema in general. So it feels like an appropriate time to look back on this year’s highlights, focusing on films that really went the extra mile in terms of visual panache. Soon enough, it’ll be awards season and who knows […]

Art Best of 2013 Body Art Hottest! Motion Tattoo

Tattoos in Motion by Chaim Machlev and Madame CHäN

This feature includes the work of both Chaim Machlev and Madame CHäN, tattooers who have different art styles but a natural ability to make animated tattoos; i.e. “the process of creating the continuous motion, and shape change illusion by means of rapid display of a sequence of static images that minimally differ from each other.” […]

Art Best of 2013 Black & White Drawing Hyperreal Pencil Art

The Beauty of Liquid

Chinese artist Paul Shanghai can be drawing for 60 hours or more to perfect the look of flowing water, which is quite difficult to achieve due to the movement and transparency of this liquid. His artwork is composed on smooth paper that has a Bristol board kind of surface, and he uses various materials depending on […]

Art Best of 2013 Body Art Tattoo

Stencil and Watercolor Tattoos by Klaim

Klaim’s tattoo style has naturally evolved from his experience as a designer and also exploring mediums like drawing, digital art and graffiti. His tattoos look fluid on the body, resembling watercolor art, spray-painted stencils and ink. The artist has done some collaborative designs, such as the image shown above, created with tattooer Niko Inko. Photos […]

Art Best of 2013 Landscape Photography

Are you Ready for an Exciting Life?

Despite all of the hardships of life, it is important to take a moment to slow down—reflect on your achievements, the people you love and love you back, your community, and the other good aspects of your personal journey.

3D Art Best of 2013 Black & White Drawing Sketchbooks Typography

Stormtrooper, Donald Duck, and More

This is the latest (2013) sketchbook drawings of French illustrator Pez. His work is done with different grades of pencils, and it is amazing the three-dimensionality. See also: “Drawings Come to Life” and “3D Drawings.”