Best of 2011 Portraits Recycled Sculpture

The Artist Recycles Over 9000 Wine Corks

I’m definitely impressed with Scott Gundersen‘s portrait of “Grace.” The video within post really gives depth to the making of it.

3D Art Best of 2011 Painting Sculpture

Jumping Out of the Canvas

Artist Shaka (Marchal Mithouard) has explored a wide range of art techniques such as painting, sculpting, graffiti, photography, tattooing, and more. His work is refreshing to see because of the way he combines two-dimensional imagery with three-dimensional forms.

Anamorphic Art Best of 2011 Graffiti

An Anamorphic Medusa Painted Inside a Factory

The “Medusa, Anamorph” was painted by Ninja1 and Mach505.

Best of 2011 Design Outdoors

Game Incentives to Stop Littering

In the city of Lucerne (Switzerland), an awareness campaign was launched to help motivate citizens to throw garbage into waste cans and not on the streets. The organizers cleverly created 16 game stations around various bins that included a maze, hopscotch and other activities.

Art Best of 2011 Portraits

Handwritten Faces

“Word Portraits” is a series of illustrations by John Sokol.

Art Best of 2011 Motion Photography

Break Stuff!

High-speed photographs by Alan Sailer.

Art Best of 2011 Macro Sculpture

Household Objects Largely Resized

“Macro” is a sculpture series by Romulo Celdran.

Art Best of 2011 Cutouts Paper Art Silhouette Art

Silhouettes Come to Life!

Artist Joe Bagley hand cuts each design from a single piece of black paper. His artwork is available for sale at Etsy.

Art Best of 2011 Classic Landscape Recycled

8,000 Beer Bottle Caps form “Starry Night”

I have barely any information about this art piece, with the exception of a few notes by The Awesomer: “We can’t imagine how much “research” went into UVA students Ross Thomas and Elizabeth Farrell 8000 piece, 7′ x 9′ beer bottle cap rendition of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.”

Best of 2011 Illusion Magic Video

Where’s the Ball?

This video is a treat to watch, and it does have tricks. It was directed by Weareom and produced by Studioset.