Art Best of 2011 Black & White Portraits

Passionate Fire Art

I had a chance to speak with an amazing artist Steven Spazuk, who explained that for over 10 years he has been perfecting his art technique of using candle and torch flames. The process consists of partially burning thick pieces of paper, and with various tools Spazuk draws directly on the soot. You can view […]

3D Art Best of 2011 Food & Drinks Sculpture

Squeeze that Chubby Pumpkin Face!

Sculptor Ray Villafane is well-known for carving expressive faces on pumpkins. His sand sculptures are also massively impressive!

Art Best of 2011 Drawing Light Light Painting Photography

Drawing in the Dark

When viewing Brian Matthew Hart’s photos, it is clear that the technique of “light painting” is evolving.

Best of 2011 Design Product Product Design

What is Hiding in the Bowl?

I’d love to eat cereal in a bowl like this one. “The Cat,” “The Bird,” and “The Wolf” are three beautiful and clever ceramic designs by Geraldine de Beco.

Advertising Art Best of 2011 Black & White Drawing Portraits

Famous Paintings Drawn in Spirals

These portraits were made for an advertising campaign for Faber-Castell by illustrator/designer Chan Hwee Chong.

3D Art Best of 2011 Lego Sculpture

Victorian House made from Lego parts

Using over 110,000 Lego pieces, Mike Doyle has built this incredible monochromatic house. He explains: “No foreign materials (wood, glue, paint or otherwise) were used—this is pure Lego. No Lego piece have been altered (painted, cut or otherwise).” [1]

Art Best of 2011 Flowers and Plants

Widespread Blooming

“Exploded Flowers” is a photographic project by Fong Qi Wei.

Art Best of 2011 Murals Painting Street Art

Passed Out on this Side of the Wall

Nowadays, it is clear that there are many individuals with different art backgrounds doing street paintings. It is incredible to see how quickly this urban movement is evolving. Another great example of fine-arts-meets-the-streets is the work of M-E-S-A.

3D Anamorphic Art Best of 2011 Geometric Graffiti

Anamorphic Graffiti by Paper Donut

French collective Paper Donut have painted a series of walls with three-dimensional shapes. The first graffiti piece (shown above) is part of an ad campaign for fashion store Sqwear, and the other two visuals (bottom of post) are personal projects. Photos © Paper Donut Link via Unurth

Animals Art Best of 2011 Body Art Painting

Incredible Hand Paintings

A horse, a dolphin… this is just a small part of Guido Daniele’s hand art. Please take a look at his full portfolio.