3D Architecture Art Installations Mixed Media Sculpture

Folding Concrete and Melting Walls

New York based artist Daniel Arsham challenges our spatial perspective by creating works that manipulate surfaces and materials. His art combines elements of architecture, installation, and design, and his built environments study the relationship between natural versus manufactured objects.

Architecture Art Photography

Zigzag Escalators: Photography by Franck Bohbot

Photographer Franck Bohbot is passionate about beautiful architecture and urban landscape. See also: “Levitation.”

3D Architecture Art Origami Paper Art Sculpture

Ingrid Siliakus’ Origamic Architecture

Paper architect Ingrid Siliakus is known for her three-dimensional recreations of world famous buildings and abstract sculptures. Her work is highly planned out and often executed (cut and folded) from a single sheet of paper. She takes inspiration from masters such as Escher, Berlage and Gaudi. 1. “Introduction.” Retrieved on January 20th, 2012. Photos […]

Architecture Design Environmental Mirrors Transparency

The Mirror House duplicates the Surrounding Environment

It almost looks like part of the building is invisible. This architectural project was designed by studio MLRP—they “transformed an existing graffiti-plagued playground structure to an inviting and reflective pavilion as part of the new ‘Interactive Playground Project’ in Copenhagen.” [1] MLRP used fun house mirrors to create an interactive space for passing spectators, which […]

3D Architecture Art Paper Art

The Rising Cities

For his architectural creations, artist Katsumi Hayakawa uses various materials such as paper, glue, gouche, inkjet printing, and more.

3D Architecture Art Cutouts Paper Art Sculpture

Sculpting Paper into Intricate Building Structures

Architect Christina Lihan creates sculptural paper reliefs of skyscrapers, cityscapes and historical buildings. “She carves, cuts, scores, bends and folds watercolor paper by hand to form facades that come alive with shadows, texture, light and details.” [1]

Architecture Color Design

Stunning Rainbow Bank in Japan

Architect Emmanuelle Moureaux has designed a unique and colorful building for Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Shimura, Japan.

Architecture Books Design

Gigantic Bookshelf in Kansas City

The Kansas City Public Library has an creative architecture design for its central branch parking garage, i.e. the facade is covered with book spines of classic novels such as “Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien, “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, and more.

Architecture Art Color Glass Sculpture

Beautiful Plexiglass House

“Kolonihavehus” is a colorful outdoor sculpture by Tom Fruin.