Category: Architecture

Mancia’s Tattoos with Architectural Elements

American artist Tony Mancia sometimes spends 10 hours custom designing a tattoo for a client. It takes some thought to come up with interesting compositions such as fusing late Gothic and Renaissance cathedrals with portraits of women. His passion for architecture is apparent as he includes details like the quatrefoils (four leaf-clover frameworks) and rose windows […]

The Magically Disappearing Barn

The radical, ideas based design studio STPMJ have a distinguished past of generating inspired projects which defy characterization. Here you can see their latest venture: an invisible barn created for the Architectural League’s Folly Competition, including concept designs. Built at the Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, NY, this looks like a magical place to spend an […]

7 Cool Projects from the A’ Design Competition

It is Illusion’s third year supporting the A’ Design Awards and Competition, an event showcasing top creations in product design, architecture, computer graphics and other fields. Call for submissions are still going underway. But an anticipated partial list of winners has been published, and I have taken a glimpse to select and share some of […]