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2017 World Design Rankings + 10 Award-Winning Projects

There will be presidential changes happening soon in the United States, but one thing that has remained the same is the US is ranked #1 at the A’ Design Awards. Another year, another victory by the United States! 396 medals to be precise. Second place goes to Turkey, followed by China, Hong Kong, Italy, Taiwan, […]

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Bodies of Symmetry and Illusion: Photography by Maria Svarbova

Maria Svarbova is a Slovakian photographer who takes surreal photographs of people in Socialist-era public spaces. With her signature minimalist style, she focuses on color, composition, and atmosphere to harmonize the body with the surrounding architecture. The models resemble mannequins, often lined up, stacked, or turned away from the camera, creating a pervasive sense of […]

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Call for Entries Open for the 2017 A’ Design Awards

The fruity toilet paper rolls went viral worldwide and won an A’ Design Award! It may seem like a nutty idea, but designer Kazuaki Kawahara found a clever way to make these WC wrappers appealing and useful for Japanese companies who offer toilet rolls “to customers as a novelty gift to show their appreciation.” It is […]

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Architect Turned Tattoo Artist Builds Structured Imagery

Monika Malewska is trained as an architect but chooses to express herself in other creative fields. “My two passions are drawing tattoos,” she writes, “and I try to combine them working as a tattoo artist.” Her style is reminiscent of a draftsperson as she uses thin, precise lines and geometry to build and map out […]

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Update: Brian Cattelle’s Nation-Wide Project to Photograph Nude Women in Sites of Decay

Note: Contains nudity. Last March we featured the work of Brian Cattelle, an American photographer who embarked on an ambitious project called “BARE USA.” The concept was simple, yet powerful: to travel to each of the 50 states, photographing nude models in abandoned buildings, thereby reinvesting scenes of neglect with beauty and new life. On November […]

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5 Fascinating Architectural Illusions Located in Europe

There are many ways in which illusions or optical tricks can be incorporated into architecture. It can be in the very contours of the framework itself, or it can involve art or graffiti being added at a later stage. This article seeks to address illusions at the core of architecture: those buildings which at their […]

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Lifesize Sewn Fabric Sculptures by Do Ho Suh

Do Ho Suh creates sculptures of home appliances and architecture completely out of sewn polyester. He makes blueprints of the pieces before meticulously assembling each one. They are impressively detailed, as in the traditional Korean archway which features embroidered dragons (pictured below). Each installation is like a phantom of the building or appliance it represents, […]

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Hans Wilschut’s Disorienting Architectural Photos

In his series “The Verticals,” Hans Wilschut inverses the bird’s eye view. His images give the viewer the sense of being pulled downward with incredible force. In fact, they are being pulled upward by towering skyscrapers towards the void of the sky. The effect is mesmerizing, but should also be considered for its real life implications. […]

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BARE USA: Photos of Nude Women in Abandoned Buildings Across America

Note: Contains nudity. Wouldn’t it be nice to take time off to travel the US to make an art project? That’s what Brian Cattelle is currently doing as he travels from state-to-state looking for abandoned buildings to setup photo shoots. “BARE USA” is the name of his urbex photography venture that includes nude models posing […]

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High Above the Skyscrapers with Navid Baraty

To be accorded such a stunning bird’s eye view over a great metropolis is a dazzling gift. So we should all thank photographer Navid Baraty who has scaled the skyscrapers of New York and shot these images for us. It really makes one feel rather small when faced with such a different perspective of the […]