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Mercenaries of the Apocalypse: The Art of Yuri Shwedoff

Moscow-based artist Yuri Shwedoff tells a passionate and imaginative story about survival in the apocalypse. Set in barren wastelands, his melancholic warriors wander alone, armed with medieval weapons and practicing unearthly magic. Children and animals are recurring motifs, used as symbols of sacrifice and loss in the merciless terrain. A dual sense of loneliness and […]

Art Digital Landscape Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Surreal

A Journey into Artur Sadlos’ Fantasy Lands

Transporting us instantly to far off places of our imagination, ones that are rooted in science fiction and fantasy, is the work of Polish concept artist Artur Sadlos. In his worlds, you’ll find lone warriors stalking post-apocalyptic landscapes and magic castles glowing like stars from afar. Go on and escape reality for a while. Images © […]

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Apocalyptic Landscapes by Sven Kroner

German painter Sven Kroner knows how to create a dramatic landscape. There is definitely an air of the natural apocalypse in his works: temporary cities in a swamp; huge tankers run ashore in a vast patchwork of countryside fields and woods. Inspired by his childhood growing up amongst the rugged forests and mountains of Southern Germany, […]

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7 Apocalyptic Movies for 2015

Film theorist legend, AndrĂ© Bazin, described the creative urge and audience appetite for big screen carnage as the “Nero complex.” An amusing reference to the Roman emperor’s supposed behaviour at news the eternal city was burning to the ground, so the story goes, he played a fiddle and seemed to enjoy the spectacle before him. […]

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End of the World: Digital Art by Kuldar Leement

Self-taught illustrator Kuldar Leement creates action-packed scenes that look like they could be part of a video game, computer-animated film or the sci-fi “Prometheus.” His digital art presents an imaginary world where man has the strength to hold giant meteorites and whales can swim in the sky.