Animation Paper Art Stop Motion Video

350,000 Post-it Notes to Express the “Power of Love”

For the launch of shoe collection “Melissa Power of Love,” the Melissa Gallery (Galeria Melissa) organized a spectacular stop-motion video using sticky notes on the front of walls of their building. The images were created by 25 animators during a 5 month time span. In addition, more than 30,000 spectators wrote love messages on the […]

Animation Black & White Illustration Storytelling Video

Storytelling in Black and White

“Umbro Blackout” is a short animated film directed by Buck.

Animation Paper Art Stop Motion Storytelling Video

Zapped from Surfing

“Protest Zapping” is a fun movie directed/animated by Max Moertl, Robert Loebel and Xaver Xylophon, and sound design by Julian Terbuyken. The film is part of the “2011 Protest Obstacle Series.”

Animation Automobiles Paper Art Video

Living in a Paper World

“Skoda – Curriculum Vitae” is an animated video directed by Weareflink.

Animation Music Special Effects Video

Outstanding Visual Effects

A music video for Memory Tapes‘ song “Yes I Know,” directed by Eric Epstein, cinematography by Aaron Epstein and produced by m ss ng p eces.

Animation Bicycle Motion Video

Bicycle Wheel Animations

“The Cyclotrope” is a device recently built and animated by Tim Wheatley. It was inspired by early inventions for displaying motion pictures such as the Zoetrope and Praxinoscope.