Animals Art Recycled Sculpture

Silenced Geisha and Monkey Brains

Artist Mozart Guerra creates sculptures with foam or polystyrene and covers each one essentially with rope.

Animals Art Origami Paper Art

X-Ray Animal Origami

“Oritsunagumono” (things folded and connected) is a series of origami creations by Takayuki Hori. The artist prints skeletons of endangered animals on translucent paper, and then folds each sheet.

Animals Design Product Design

Whale Tissue Holder

Certainly, a clever design for a tissue holder! It is hand-painted and crafted in wood. The whale comes in various colors from aqua to white, and it is available for purchase at Etsy.

3D Animals Art Paper Art Sculpture

3D Animals Crafted with Archival Cotton Paper

Sculptor Ann-Wili Highfield works with diverse materials such as ink, watercolours, archival cotton paper, cotton thread, copper pipe, timber block, and more.

Animals Art Fishes Photography Water

The Sardine Run

Beautiful underwater photography by Alexander Safonov.

Advertising Animals Recycled Skulls Special Effects Uncategorized Video Water

Amazing Water Drawings with Ink

To mark “World Water Day” (March 22nd), Solidarites International has launched an ad campaign to raise awareness about contaminated water that kills so many people in the world. It is a video developed by agency BDDP Unlimited, produced by Hush, and directed by Clement Beauvais.

Advertising Animals Cutouts Paper Art Stop Motion Video

Stop-Motion Ad with Paper Cutouts and Folds

“Star Alliance” is film directed, designed and animated by Andersen M Studio.

3D Anamorphic Animals Art Best of 2011 Black & White

Amazing 3D Drawings

Fredo’s artwork looks like it comes to life from a piece of paper. It is outstanding! See also: “Pencil Art: Turn on the Light.”

Animals Art Color Macro Photography Water

Glowing Underwater Creatures

Beautiful photography by Alexander Semenov. View more of his work at Flickr.

Advertising Animals Posters Recycled

Is Your Dog a Vegetarian?

This is an advertising campaign for SM Store to promote their new line of vegetarian dog food. The posters were designed by Out of the Box.