Animals Art Photography Portraits Weird

Wacky Pictures of Pets

Photography by Carli Davidson.

Animals Art Photography

Tales of the Wildlife

Stunning photography by Stefano Unterthiner.

Animals Art Insects Recycled Sculpture

Nespresso Coffee Capsules Reshaped into Insects

Artist Alex Aebi has a number of projects that include reused materials such as Nespresso insects and flowers, cardboard boats, solar toys, and more.

3D Advertising Animals Design Music Paper Art Posters

Coming to Life

To promote Dry the River‘s next single “No Rest,” the band teamed up with agency FOAM and their intern Xavier Barrade to create 3D paper-crafted horses, which were glued as posters on building walls in London.

Animals Art Hyperreal Painting

Realistic Oil Paintings

The art of Johannes Wessmark. His work looks so photographic!

Animals Art Cutouts Paper Art

Paper Cut Swan

This is a beautiful and intricate paper cutout by Michael Lomax. It looks like it took a lot of patience to get it done.

3D Animals Art Paper Art

Extraordinary Paper Animals

Calvin Nicholls’ animal sculptures are simply amazing! His technical skills are so good that he’s able to replicate fur and feathers using a scalpel on paper.

Animals Art Recycled Sculpture

Silenced Geisha and Monkey Brains

Artist Mozart Guerra creates sculptures with foam or polystyrene and covers each one essentially with rope.

Animals Art Origami Paper Art

X-Ray Animal Origami

“Oritsunagumono” (things folded and connected) is a series of origami creations by Takayuki Hori. The artist prints skeletons of endangered animals on translucent paper, and then folds each sheet.

Animals Design Product Design

Whale Tissue Holder

Certainly, a clever design for a tissue holder! It is hand-painted and crafted in wood. The whale comes in various colors from aqua to white, and it is available for purchase at Etsy.