Anamorphic Art Illusion Skulls

Anamorphic Illusions by Truly Design

Turin-based street art collective Truly Design have done it again. One of their new projects is a collaboration with the Polytechnic Federal School of Lausanne, as part of an “Art on Science” public exhibition, focused primarily on optical illusions. The works by Truly Design are intelligent pieces which quietly subvert the cliches of traditional optical […]

Advertising Anamorphic Illusion Typography Video

Apple’s Perspective Illusion Video

Just recently OK Go launched “The Writing’s on the Wall,” an incredible anamorphic-art music video which was seen by 10 million viewers. And now Apple has realized perspective illusion is cool and has also done something similar within large white rooms, just more minimalistic, polished, calmer. Maybe they should have done it outdoors or someplace […]

3D Anamorphic Art Geometric Graffiti Illusion Murals

Perspective Illusions Painted and Taped by Fanette G.

Last year, I had published some photos of Fanette G.’s anamorphic paintings in abandoned buildings, and since then, she has been working on a new series titled “Regenerate14” (view the top 3 images of this post). “I decided to take a step forward and teamed up with a graphic designer friend to work on an […]

3D Anamorphic Art Chalk Illusion Street Art

The 3D Chalk Art of Leon Keer

For six straight days, street artist Leon Keer worked on a chalk drawing that included images of childhood attic objects (like old teddy bears and a baby doll) laying on the floor, and a big hole leading to an underground city. All of this was colored on the wood floor of an exhibition room in […]

Anamorphic Art Art Show Graffiti Murals Portraits Sculpture Street Art

Vhils’s Graffiti and Styrofoam Art Is Exhibited in Lisbon

Street artist Vhils has finally gotten the credit he deserves. This is his first major solo show at the Electricity Museum (EDP Foundation) in Lisbon, located near the breathtaking Jeronimos Monastery and Belem Tower. From a cylindrical mural outside the entrance, to a giant Styrofoam anamorphic piece (inside the museum) with three faces emerging once you […]

3D Anamorphic Art Graffiti Illusion Murals Outdoors Street Art

Insanely Good 3D Graffiti by Odeith

Portugal’s street art has really evolved over the years with an impressive number of artists, and you can see some of their work on websites like Stick2Target, Mr. Dheo, and Underdogs. One of the household names is Odeith, a graffiti rider since 1996, spray painting cabinets and walls in railway routes. An innovator for using […]

3D Abstract Anamorphic Art Illusion Sand

Amazing 3D Beach Art

New Zealand artist Jamie Harkins has gain quite a reputation word wide for his outside street art. But it is his specialist work done on the beaches of his homeland that has truly captured the imaginations of people all over the world. Everything from diving boards, castles, toasters and spaceships have been rendered in the sand […]

3D Anamorphic Art Drawing Illusion Pencil Art

3-D Tiger Comes to Life

Here is something very special. Renowned digital artist Ben Heines, who specializes in 3-D drawing techniques, has gifted us with a masterclass in transforming a simple pencil drawing into a magical 3-D experience. In these images a tiger is brought to life in various stages, before creating a self portrait in the same way. Images […]

Anamorphic Art Illusion Installations Typography

AKACORLEONE’s Perspective Illusions

For those of you who weren’t in Lisbon last month, you missed AKACORLEONE’s solo show “Find Yourself in Chaos” displayed at the Underdogs gallery. From colorful art layered on acrylic sheets to a very cool anamorphic installation in ghost green and black, his work is about the frenetic urban lifestyle with so much going on […]

Anamorphic Illusion Metal Sculpture

What Do You See on the Cylindrical Mirror?

Last year, I had featured the incredible mirror sculptures of Jonty Hurwitz. His art pieces have been a big success on the web—published in a 100 blogs and receiving over 5 million views. The artist has continued to work on new projects from 3-D prints to wax and resin art, however, what stands out is […]