Advertising Animation Motion Video

8 Entertaining Videos by Vallee Duhamel

Montreal-based collective studio VallĂ©e Duhamel just launched a new video for Hermès, which you can view right below. Their work is bright and edgy with pop culture inspiration and fun. Founders Julien VallĂ©e and Eve Duhamel have continued to make videos with a mix of techniques such as live action, animation and stop-motion. […]

Advertising Design Posters

10 Cleverly Designed Print Ads

As you know, companies invest a lot of money on advertising campaigns in attempt to stand out from the crowd and persuade consumers to buy more. There are also print ads that serve to raise awareness about environmental issues like the WWF poster with an elephant disintegrating into sand, which means desertification has continued to […]

Advertising Digital Photo Retouching Photography

Gologlu’s Unreal Photos

From trucks transporting the biggest pencils in the world, to teenage girls with bearded knees, Emre Gologlu’s images lure spectators to look more than once. This Istanbul photographer creates diverse visuals for advertising campaigns of Veet, Jack Daniel’s and BMW. Images © Emre Gologlu Via OneEyeland

Advertising Body Art Design Painting Posters

Hand Masquerades

Studio Airport has envisioned a print campaign for Club Poema, a techno nightspot in Utrecht, Netherlands. To create four eye-catching posters, the designers Vincent de Boer, Maurits Wouters and Bram Broerse used face and body painting on models so that their subjects’ hands would become colorful masks.

Advertising Clothing Design Recycled Sculpture

Hogan vs Rambo vs Norris

South African designer Darryn Rogers has envisioned this print campaign for StaSoft (Baby Fabric Softener). See also: “Nylon Sculptures.”

Advertising Character Design Design Food & Drinks Illustration Posters

The Candy King

This print advertising campaign for Ricola’s herbal drops was designed by JVM studio (with illustration by Julien Canaveses). Each of the six candies included the face of a famous singer like Elvis Presley, Luciano Pavarotti, Madonna, and others. And as part of the marketing strategy these goods were offered to spectators at concerts.

Advertising Body Art Design Drawing Posters

Sexier than Stick Figures

Brazilian ad agency NeogamaBBH have envisioned a clever and naughty advertising campaign for Playboy. The slogan for this project goes something like: “The pleasure at the reach of your hands,” which appears to have double meaning, and I will let you figure that out. Warning: Contains nudity.

Advertising Design Posters Recycled

“The Scream” in Colored Pencils

Using daily objects to remake famous paintings is becoming more frequent in advertising campaigns. In this example of “The Scream,” it is quite interesting how the art directors of Ogilvy & Mather used Faber Castell colored pencils to create a rhythmic sky.

Advertising Design Lego Posters Recycled

Guess Who?

I had recently seen these Lego related posters at “I Believe in Advertising,” however, I didn’t take a good look at them. And they are definitely worth featuring because the design is well-executed by advertising agency, Jung von Matt. The campaign’s concept is very clever, as they use Lego bricks to form famous TV cartoon […]

Advertising Drawing Posters Tattoo

The Tattooed Poster

Art directors Mathias Nosel and Steffen Baumgart envisioned a unique tattooed (calfskin) poster to promote Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio Munchen. The slogan for the campaign was “We got history under your skin,” which was illustrated with news related events from 2011. E.g. the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in April 29, 2011, the […]